Best Golf Balls 2022

The best golf balls you can add to the bag in 2022

The top rated golf balls for the 2022 season.

Golf Balls

Looking for new golf balls for 2022? The best golf balls 2022 have been picked out in the shortlist.

We’ve taken a look at some options that could be added to your bag this year, whether you are looking for more distance, more spin around the greens or a best winter golf ball option.

Read on for the best golf balls 2022. You can also find out the top rated golf drivers for 2022, the best fairway woods for 2022, the best golf rescues for 2022, the best new irons for 2022, the best golf wedges for 2022 and the best new putters for 2022.

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1. Titleist Pro V1 & ProV1x Golf Ball
2. TaylorMade TP5, TP5x & Pix Golf Ball
3. Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star ZV Golf Ball
4. Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Ball
5. Titleist AVX Golf Ball
6. Bridgestone B XS Golf Ball

Titleist Pro V1 & ProV1x Golf Ball

Titleist ProV1

Titleist ProV1 balls are the number one on tour, the winning-most and widely considered to best golf ball on the market. It is no surprise it tops our shortlist of the best balls.

The three-piece ProV1 is the softer of the two options in the range compared to the four-piece ProV1x, and provides a penetrating ball flight and optimal spin for most golfers.

The ProV1x provides a higher ball flight and spins less with many tour stars and professionals turning the this model in recent years.

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TaylorMade TP5, TP5x & Pix Golf Ball

TaylorMade TP5x Pix

The TP5 ball is the top performing model from TaylorMade and the tour-quality ball from the leading manufacturer.

The TP5 is the softer of the two models compared to the firmer TP5x, with both five-piece balls having the amount of stiffness increased in each layer from a soft outer and a hard core.

Just like the ProV1 balls from Titleist, the x model is the higher launching of the two.

The Pix range, as seen in the image, is unique thanks to the Clear Path Alignment technology designed by Rickie Fowler. This ball is available in both TP5 and TP5x models.

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Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star ZV Golf Ball

Srixon Z-Star Ball

The Z-Star range from Srixon is the company’s premium ball and one in play with number of tour stars..

The Z-Star is a three-piece ball and the slightly softer of the two options, providing an optimal launch, solid distance and greenside spin.

The Z-Star ZV is the firmer of the two and has a four-piece construction. Like many of the other ball in this shortlist, this firmer ball boasts a higher balance flight and a little less feel around the greens.

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Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Ball

Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Balls

The Chrome Soft X LS is a low spin model designed for maximum distance and our favourite model compared to the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X.

The four-piece construction X LS version takes the more firm structure and distance offered by the X model, and combines it with a straight ball flight to help gain extra yards off the tee.

The X LS has a high speed core design to generate more ball speed along with a soft inner mantle and firm outer layer producing speed and resilience.

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Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Titleist AVX Golf Ball

The AVX combines lower spin and a softer feel than the ProV1 and ProV1x and generated added distance compared to its sister balls.

The new and improved 2022 model has a new aerodynamic design that Titleist believe adds more yardage to shots.

It features a new propriety core to lower compression overall. The centre is still as soft but the stiffness has been increased in the outer portion for the perfect balance of speed, distance and forgiveness.

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Bridgestone B XS Golf Ball

Bridgestone B XS

Designed to suit elite players with faster clubhead speeds specifically 105 mph or more, the Bridgestone B XS ball features REACTIV cover technology for the first time.

This is a ball all about generating speed and distance and less spin from the driver thanks to a Gradational Compression Core.

At the same time, the REACTIV urethane technology works to produce more spin on wedge and approach play with irons.

The Dual Dimples design, unique in its looks, also gives the B XS ball improved aerodynamics with a consistent trajectory and less drag.

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