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Home » Best Vice Golf Balls (Drive, Tour, Pro & More)

Best Vice Golf Balls (Drive, Tour, Pro & More)

Best Vice Golf Balls

Looking for the best Vice golf balls for your game or the best value out there? We round up the options available to buy Vice balls.

Where once Vice was simply considered a low-cost alternative to more premium options, it is now a serious player in the golf ball world. They have developed multiple balls to suit all levels of golfer.

Vice keeps quality high and prices low through their direct-to-consumer model. They give discounts for bulk orders which also makes them a very attractive option.

What are the best Vice golf balls? Let’s take a look.

Vice Drive Golf Balls

Vice Drive Golf Balls

The Vice Drive is a two-piece construction designed and engineered for occasional and beginner golfers with low to medium clubhead speeds.

The ball features low compression for a softer feel and low distance, is tough and cut resistant and has a newly designed KIL line for optimal alignment.

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Vice Tour Golf Balls

Vice Tour Golf Balls

The Vice Tour is a three-piece construction with a new size-optimized Energy Speed Core for extra distance and more mid-iron spin.

It offers outstanding distance off the tee, immense ball control and high short game spin.

Similar to the Drive, it is tough and cut resistant and has been designed for all swing speeds.

Vice Pro Golf Balls

Vice Pro Golf Balls

The Vice Pro is a three-piece construction with an extra thin cast urethane cover for maximum feel and short game spin.

It has been optimized for higher ball speed and great distance, excellent short game spin and decreased compression for softer feel.

It is suited to golfers with medium to high swing speeds (roughly 95-110 mph). The Vice Pro comes in five colours: standard white, neon green, neon red, ice blue and shade red and orange.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

Vice Golf Pro Plus Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Plus has been designed for the fastest of swingers and is the perfect choice for golfers with a swing speed of over 110 mph.

The Pro Plus is a four-piece construction with a highly durable 336 dimple design and dual mantle for low driver spin and increased carry distance.

It has lower launch and lower spin for a more penetrating, explosive ball flight and boasts excellent green-grabbing control

The Pro Plus comes in four different colours: white, neon lime, neon red and shade yellow and orange.

Vice Pro Plus X RGC Golf Balls

Vice Pro Plus X RGC Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Plus X RGC is a limited-edition version of the Pro Plus. It has all the same benefits and performance specs as the Pro Plus only it comes with a unique look and doodles drawn onto it.

It was designed in partnership with Random Golf Club founder, Erik Anders Lang.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Soft is a four-piece construction geared towards advanced players with medium to low swing speeds.

The high energy speed core helps to increase ball speed and maximize distance off the tee. Players can expect outstanding distance with extra-soft feel and feedback off the clubface.

The ball is available in white, lime, red, living coral, peach parfait and blue light. The Pro Soft will suit senior golfers.

Vice Pro Zero Golf Balls

Vice Pro Zero Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Zero has been designed for amateurs of all swing speeds. It is a three-piece construction with a size-optimized energy speed core, fused urethane cover and a 344-dimple pattern.

The ball should give superb distance while not moving too much in the air, even in windy conditions.


How much do Vice Golf Balls cost?

Vice balls differ in cost from model to model. The most expensive model is the Pro Plus X RGC, with a dozen costing $39.99. The Vice Drive is the least expensive model with a dozen working out at £15.99. The cost per dozen reduces if the balls are bought in bulk.

Is Vice a good golf ball?

Vice golf balls are really good and with their extensive selection to choose from, there is something there to suit everyone’s game.

Which Vice Golf Ball is like the Pro V1?

The Vice Pro Plus ball is the best Vice golf balls and is most like the Pro V1. Both are a three-piece construction and share many of the same attributes.