Cobra King Black Wedges Review

Attractive Diamonized Black Metal wedges comes in three different loft options

Cobra King Black Wedges

Cobra King Black Wedges are an attractive set of short-game improving clubs that have been designed to last longer than any other the manufacturer has produced.

Sitting alongside the Cobra King Black One Length wedges, which are as you might expect are all the same length, the King Black wedge feature DBM (Dimonized Black Metal) for the more impressive of looks.

Used by Cobra Golf PGA Tour star Rickie Fowler, the King Blacks are durable, provide exception spin levels thanks to 100% CNC milled grooves on the face, and perform to the highest of standards on that all-important short game.

What Cobra says about the King Black wedges:

“Cobra’s King Black wedges blend precision, versatility and durability with a new DBM (Diamonized Black Metal) finish, 100% CNC milled grooves, and tour-inspired grinds.

“The King Black wedge comes in a variety of loft, bounce and grind configurations to suit a wide range of playing abilities. Cobra offers the ideal wedge design that caters to specific swing types, course conditions and playing styles.

“Featuring tour validated grinds and shaping, a soft 8620 carbon steel body delivers superior feel and spin performance. The unique DBM black finish delivers glare resistance, professional looks and extreme durability demanded by the best golfers.”

Cobra King Black Wedges Design

Cobra have managed to come up with a DBM (Dimonized Black Metal) in the King Black wedges that is durable under intense use around the greens. The stunning black finish lasts longer than any other, according to Cobra, and has been constructed to deflect light and ensure total concentration on the shot in hand.

The Cobra King Black wedges are constructed from 8620 Carbon Steel, and feature Progressive Spin Technology, a patented design feature which helps provide both precision and versatility in your short game shots.

Cobra King Black Wedges

The spin performance from these wedges is all down to the well thought out CNC milling process involved in creating grooves designed for each loft rather than the same design through the wedge range.

The milling results in the Cobra wedges having Variable Face Roughness (VFR) to bring the best out of each loft with an average roughness and max peak-to-peak depth to push these clubs to the very edge of USGA limits.

The Cobra King Black Wedges comes with six different loft options to provide the perfect gapping in your bag. Choose from the 50, 52 or 54 degree wedges which have tighter grooves for ideal for the perfect blend of spin and trajectory, or the 56, 58 or 60 degree options with wider and shallower groove patterns.

You can create the perfect wedge for your game too by choosing from the three sole options with the Versatile, Classic and WideLow designs available. Each offer something a little different depending on your style of shot and the amount of turf you take when striking the ball.

Cobra King Black Wedges

The Versatile sole features a softened edge and a medium bounce level, making it better suited to average to firm conditions. The Classic has a thinner sole and a higher bounce and is your all-rounder when it comes to course conditions. If you play in softer conditions, the WideLow is your wedge with a low bounce incorporated.

As with all Cobra produce, there is Cobra Connect technology to provide golfers with information and data, which is collected from the shot tracking technology built in to the grip.

Cobra King Black Wedges Verdict

Cobra have really pimped up their wedges with the King Black range to produce a seriously attractive set of short-game clubs.

They aren’t just about looks though because the performance has been improved upon with the differing groove pattern, as well as the three sole options which make them the most adaptable set of wedges.

Cobra King Black Wedges

While the colour might not be the favoured choice of some traditionalists, you will see an improve in your performance around the greens with the King Blacks in the bag and that is what we all strive for.

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