Cobra King TEC Hybrids Review (Rescues Launched for 2023)

The King TEC hybrids and been re-released with a new 2023 model.

The King TEC hybrids have been given a makeover for 2023 by Cobra.

Cobra King TEC Hybrids

The Cobra King TEC hybrids have been relaunched for 2023 with more set up options providing versatility, forgiveness and distance.

Featuring featuring three sole weights that can be positioned to create the perfect setup for you, the new rescues offer real performance gains in the 2023 model.

The clubhead of the hybrids has also been given a makeover with the face flatter and the profile longer from heel to toe for a more confidence inspiring look over the ball.

We take a look at what has changed, what you can expect in terms of performance gains and how the hybrids could suits you.

What Cobra says about the King TEC Hybrids:

“Our most technologically advanced hybrid is designed to bring maximum distance, forgiveness, and versatility to your game.

“A players hybrid packed with technology, the KING TEC Hybrid has the versatility to fit every players game while maintaining the distance and forgiveness golfers have come to expect from a hybrid design.

“Three adjustable weight settings allow you to position two 12g weights in the front for lower spin and launch, in the back/heel for draw-bias, or in the back/toe for fade-bias.

“Refined clubhead shaping with a flatter face and longer heel to toe design inspires confidence and workability behind the ball while providing increased stability

“Proven PWRSHELL technology maximizes launch and distance, while an A.I. designed H.O.T Face delivers more speed and efficient spin across the entire clubface.”

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Cobra King TEC Hybrids Specs & Design

Cobra King TEC Hybrids

Cobra King TEC Hybrids

Cobra King TEC Hybrids


How much do Cobra TEC hybrids cost?

The 2023 King TEC rescues are available for purchase at around £249 / $299 per hybrid.

What are the Cobra King TEC hybrids specs?

The rescues are available in 2-hybrid (17 degrees), 3-hybrid (19 degrees), 4-hybrid (21 degrees) and 5-hybrid (24 degrees).

What handicap golfer is the King TEC hybrids suited to?

They are designed for lower handicap golfers looking for shot-shaping rescues that also offer a degree of forgiveness.