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Home » Deadspin DSX Pro Golf Balls Review (4-PIECE Elite Performer)

Deadspin DSX Pro Golf Balls Review (4-PIECE Elite Performer)

Deadspin DSX Pro Balls Review

Deadspin DSX Pro golf balls are a premium four-piece model available at a fraction of the price of more established rivals. How do the DSX Pro rate vs Pro V1x?

Deadspin golf balls are branded as producing “killer” performance and appropriately feature a skull motif on each of them a clear brand identity.

The DSX Pro is one of three models along with the DS Tour and DS Pro, but is the only four-piece construction and designed to rival the likes of the Titleist Pro V1x.

What are the benefits of the DSX Pro ball, how does it differ from the DS Pro and how do they perform? We tried them out to find out how good they are.

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Deadspin DSX Pro Ball Design & Features

The only four-piece ball in the Deadspin range, the DSX Pro is designed to provide a firmer feel than the DS Pro ball.

Much like the Titleist Pro V1x and Callaway Chrome Soft X, Deadspin have opted for a firmer option of their premium ball for a higher launch and increased spin levels.

Deadspin DSX Pro Balls

The DSX ball differs from the Pro as it has an ultra-thin urethane cover combined with DeadSoft Dual Core (DDC) for the fourth layer.

A 338-dimple pattern delivers long distances with eye-catching short game levels from this 95% compression ball.

It is best suited for golfers looking for work balls with draws or fade and is only suited to golfers with mid-to-high swing speeds.

Deadspin Golf Balls

The DS Pro is available in white and features the innovative KIL Putting Line on the ball.

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Deadspin DSX Pro Golf Balls Review: Are they any good?

Deadspin balls aren’t just gimmicky, they deliver plenty when it comes to performance. None more so than the DSX Pro.

It is a four-piece construction and aimed at better player, ideally suiting only golfers with real quicker swing speeds. If you have a slower swing speed, the DS Pro is more beneficial for you.

The DSX model shows up well for distance, spin levels and ball speeds and is genuinely a great – and cheaper – alternative to the likes of the Pro V1x.

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How much do Deadspin DSX Pro golf balls cost?

The DSX Pro balls cost $39.99 for a 12-pack.

Which is the best Deadspin Golf ball?

The three models each offer something different. The DS Tour is a matte option and the cheapest, the DS Pro is a three-piece tour-level option and the DSX Pro is a tour-level four-piece premium ball.

What Deadspin Golf says about the DSX Pro balls:

“Our premium range of golf balls screams innovation, while our one of a kind design buries the competition from tee to green.

“Designed for the complete golf professional in mind, the DSX Pro is a 4-piece cast urethane golf ball with enhanced manoeuvrability featuring a dual core for maximum distance and control.”