Honma Future XX Ball Review

Honma launch their first-ever 6-piece ball with the Future XX release

Honma Future XX Ball

The Honma Future XX ball is the first 6-piece ball from the leading manufacturer and one that could have a big future in the game.

We’ve seen in recent years the emergence of Honma with the release of the TW747 driver and XP-1 driver and link up with Justin Rose, and now there is a high-quality ball to add to the Honma collection.

The 6-piece construction of the Future XX ball is a significant step up on the existing X4, TW-S TW-X, A1 and D1 Plus golf balls. So how good can the Honma Future XX ball be?

Honma Future XX Ball

The design of the Future XX is a move Honma have never made before with the 6-layers new ground for the brand.

The six-layer construction consists of a highly resilient core, a softer second layer and a firmer third layer.

The combination of those three subsequent inner layers is designed to generate more energy and faster ball speeds, and it is the very centre of the ball that helps increase distance.

After all, Honma set about adding distance and providing consistent spin performance from the Future XX ball when they started the design project.

The fourth layer gets firmer still, as does the fifth layer with both helping to produce a consistent spin level. The final layer is a soft urethane cover with a 326-dimple pattern, designed to produce a high ball flight.

The Future XX replaces the TW-X as the Honma’s number one golf ball.

Honma Future XX Verdict

Honma aren’t a big name when it comes to golf balls, but the Future XX might just change that.

The performance of the 6-layer ball is very impressive with eye-catching distance but not at the expense of playability and spin levels in your short game.

The Future XX is Honma’s premium ball and, while not on the same level as Titleist’s ProV1 or TaylorMade’s TP5, it is an high-quality ball…albeit with a price tag that matches.

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