Seed Golf Balls Review

Seed Golf Balls offer impressive performance at a fraction of the price

Seed Golf Balls

Seed golf balls have been launched by an Irish-based company with the intention of supplying premium performance at a reasonable price.

Seed have four golf balls on the market – the SD-01, SD-02, SD-05 and SD-15 – with the quartet all offering something different depending on your preference of type of ball.

From The Pro One, as the SD-01 is known, to the Country Mile (the SD-15), Seed have got you covered with exceptional value for money.

The SD-01 is now the official ball of the PGA EuroPro Tour.

Seed SD-01 Golf Ball

The SD-01 ball is known as The Pro One and Seed Golf liken the performance of their number one ball to that of a Titleist ProV1 or TaylorMade TP5.

The SD-01 is a 3-piece ball with a cast urethane cover featuring a 336-dimple pattern. It offers distance from the tee as well as a soft feel and high spin levels for the short game, and is an all-round performer.

Seed SD-02 Golf Ball

The SD-02 ball is the only 4-piece design available from Seed Golf, and The Pro Tour ball is one for golfers looking to maximise distance and still be even more reactive version of the SD-01 when it comes to the short game spin.

Seed list the SD-02 as being an equivalent ball to the Titleist ProV1x or TaylorMade TP5x, provide maximum level of spin with approaches, as well as a lower and more penetrating ball flight than the SD-01.

The ball also features a 336-dimple pattern and has a cast urethane cover on top of the 4-piece construction.

Seed SD-05 Golf Ball

The Pro Soft, as the SD-05 ball is named, offers a Super Soft feel and offers an alternative to the likes of Callaway’s Chrome Soft ball.

A 3-piece ball with a 332-dimple pattern, the lowest number of any in the Seed range, the SD-05 is a low-compression ball producing a higher laugh angle and trajectory.

The option for golfers with slower swing speeds, the softness of the ball means you can expect a high level of spin from short game approaches.

Seed SD-15 Golf Ball

The SD-15 ball is the firmest of Seed’s ball but is described as producing a medium / soft feel and is similar in performance to Callaway’s Super Soft ball.

The Country Mile, as it is known, is durable with the promise of four or more rounds from each ball, and is all about extracting maximum distance from your game with Seed describing it as “long”.

The 2-piece low-compression ball has a 355-dimple pattern to produce a lower launch angle that other Seed balls, but with a higher trajectory.

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