Takomo Pikku Bag Review (LIGHTWEIGHT Carry Pencil Bag)

The Pikku bag is a pencil bag made from quality vegan leather

Takomo’s Pikku bag is a lightweight carry bag.

Takomo Pikku Bag

The Takomo Pikku bag is a brand new stylish design that provides great functionality for golfers looking for a walking pencil bag.

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Takomo Golf is well-known for its high-quality golf clubs at some of the lowest prices on the market today, but not as well known for the other products it offers.

The Pikku bag is comprised of vegan leather and recycled polyester to provide a stylish yet functional golf bag for the masses. Is the Takomo Pikku bag worth buying over other walking bags on the market today?

What Takomo Golf says about the Pikku bag:

“The Pikku Bag is designed for the golfer who is ready to go at the drop of a hat. This versatile, clean-looking bag is perfect for travel or to keep at the office or in your trunk.

“Walk a full 18, anytime, anywhere, in style and comfort with this ultra-light carry bag that marries looks, functionality, and versatility.

Takomo Pikku Bag

“The Pikku Bag is the most unique Sunday bag available on the internet. This pencil bag, made of vegan leather and recycled polyester, is a smart solution to all of your bag problems.

“It ensures that your Sunday ride in the back seat to your local course is comfortable, practical, and stylish. The best part? You’ll be the sharpest looking golfer at the clubhouse.”

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Takomo Pikku Bag Specs, Design & Features

The Pikku golf bag is designed primarily for walkers in mind but is versatile enough to be used in riding carts as well.

The Takomo Pikku golf bag continues the company’s mission of providing great quality golf products at a low price in the form of a lightweight walking bag that is both durable and functional.

Takomo Pikku Bag

The bag weighs 1,110 grams (2.4 pounds) and has the following dimensions: 85.0cm x 17.5cm or 33.5” x 6.9.”

There are a total of four dividers for golf clubs, along with two zipped pockets, a drinking bottle pouch, and an adjustable padded carrying strap.

It is available in two colors, white and black.

Verdict: Is the Takomo Pikku bag any good?

At $109 USD it is one of the lesser expensive bags on the market today but that does not mean the Pikku bag is cheap when it comes to quality.

Takomo Pikku Bag

What really stands out with the bag is its durability. Even though it is made from recycled polyester and vegan leather it is hard to tell the difference between it and some of the more expensive bags out on the market currently.

It is the type of bag that withstand all conditions, and it is so lightweight that one can barely feel it when walking around the golf course.


How much does the Takomo Pikku bag cost?

The bag costs $109 USD each plus shipping.

What are the Takomo Pikku bag dimensions and size?

The specs of the Pikku bag are as follows: dimensions 85.0cm x 17.5cm or 33.5” x 6.9”, weight 1,110 grams (2.4 pounds), made from vegan leather and recycled polyester.

Is the bag specifically for walking or can it be used with a cart?

While the Pikku bag was made with walkers in mind, due to its versatility it can be used on the back of an electric golf cart or pushed with a manual cart as well.