TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Balls Review

Tour Response Stripe is a new design for 2022 from TaylorMade

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Balls

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe balls are new for 2022 with an interesting new alignment feature to help improve your game all round the course.

TaylorMade have introduced the second generation of the Tour Response, which was first released in 2022, and added a new Stripe model to the range.

Stripe has a wide line green area round the entire ball known as 360° ClearPath Alignment to help you line up putts better and get feedback immediately. It works in a similar way to TaylorMade’s TP5 Pix balls.

What TaylorMade says about the Tour Response Stripe balls:

“360° ClearPath Alignment was engineered with the golfer in mind. A lime yellow finish offers enhanced visibility.

“This next-gen visible technology of Tour Response Stripe wraps around the center of the golf ball to help you aim putts better, faster and more consistently, all while providing immediate feedback on the quality of your roll.

“Tour Response Stripe is engineered to respond to your game with a 100% urethane cover for added greenside spin and better feel vs. ionomer.

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Balls

“The soft material helps wedge grooves grip the ball better on shots into the green, while maintaining shear resistance and greater durability.”

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TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Balls Design & Features

The key design feature is the 360° ClearPath Alignment, essentially an oversized line on the ball to help you on the putting greens.

TaylorMade have taken elements of the TP5 Pix, which helps with alignment and provides feedback on putts, and pimped them up with a huge line green stripe on this version of the Tour Response.

TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe Balls

The stripe runs across the centre of a 100% urethane cover, which now has the Tour Flight Dimple pattern used in the TP5 and TP5x in the new version of the Tour Response.

This is a 3-layer ball with a 70 compression soft core and a firmer HFM (high flex modulus) Speedmantle layer, also borrowed from the TP5 design, to help produce increased ball speeds and more distance.

The new 2022 Tour Response produces more distance, a higher launch angle, consistent ball striking and increased spin on wedge shots around the green. On the putting surface, the stripe really comes into its own.

The Tour Response Stripe is available in white with a lime green stripe.

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Verdict: Are TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe balls any good?

The new Stripe ball is an interesting concept and certainly offers an excellent way to line up putts on the green with more confidence.

The feedback it offers on ball striking is also well worth trying out as the stripe will no longer be straight on line with the target if a putt is pulled or pushed.

The one downside, perhaps, is that not all golfers will love just how much of the ball the stripe takes up down the centre. If you prefer a white ball, the big lime green area may be slightly offputting.

What isn’t off putting is the price and performance. TaylorMade have improved on the original Tour Response and this is just another string to the bow of the 2022 second generation.


How much do TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe balls cost?

Tour Response Stripe balls retail at around £40 / $40 per dozen.

What is the compression of the Tour Response Stripe balls?

The Tour Response Stripe compression is 70 for this 3-piece ball.

How does the TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe ball work?

TaylorMade have added an oversized fluorescent line around the ball to aid alignment which is known as 360° ClearPath Alignment. It is designed to give feedback in a similar way to the TP5 Pix balls.