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Best Golf Drivers 2020

Best Golf Drivers

Looking for a new driver to take into the new season? What is the best golf drivers for 2020 and what can they do for you game?

We’ve taken a look at five options you could consider adding to your bag as you look to reduce that handicap or take your best form into the new golfing season.


Read on for the top five drivers for 2020.

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TaylorMade SIM Driver

The SIM replaces the TaylorMade M5 and M6 drivers as the leading range from TaylorMade, and it features three separate designs – the SIM, Max and Max D drivers.

The concept behind the TaylorMade SIM range is all about generating more speed and less drag. And that come courtesy of the unique sole design and a raised crown, which is made from ultra-light weight chromium carbon.

TaylorMade have come up the sole design to help eradicate the drag during the last three feet of the downswing – something they feel is the most critical phase when it comes to maximising speed.

There is also an Inertia Generator feature in the design to help lower the CG and help promote a higher launch and increased forgiveness. The Twist Face Technology that first appeared in the M5 and M6 drivers is also incorporated in the SIM drivers.

TaylorMade SIM Driver

All three SIM driver designs are fully adjustable through a 10g sliding weight, which offers golfers up to 20 yards of adjustability to allow for fade or draw bias.

The SIM Max option has a larger face as well as a heavier Inertia Generator to afford golfers more forgiveness than the SIM design.

The face on the SIM Max D is the biggest of all three, while the name comes from the fact it is the draw-biased option.

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Callaway Epic Flash Driver

The Callaway Epic Flash driver, designed in an attractive black and lime green colour scheme, adds more distance, less spin and is more forgiving than its predecessor the Epic.

The Jailbreak Technology, which debuted in the first generation of the Epic, is among the prominent features with the club head including via two vertical metal bars behind the face for better flex and added ball speed.

The newest addition is the Flash Face Technology, which has been honed through Artificial Intelligence to work like no other Callaway driver by generate increased ball speed even on off centre strikes.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

The Flash Face is a unique design, far from flat in its shape, and produces the hottest ball striking that Callaway could have dreamed of coming up with.

The Callaway Epic driver has been made lighter once again thanks to an improved triaxial carbon known as T2C, which has allowed a better weight distribution to improve forgiveness.

The Epic Flash, which comes with a full adjustable hosel which can shift through eight separate settings, has a 16-gram sliding weight in sole for complete adjustability.

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Titleist TS2 and TS3 Drivers

The Titleist TS2 driver carries the familiar look of Titleist drivers of old with a classic black colour scheme. That was missing from the 917, but has been brought back for the latest release.

There is also a significant change from the 917 with the SureFit CG system replaced as the cartridge has been switched for weights in the back of the head instead in the TS2.

The weight means the sole of the TS2 is completely different to the TS3 option with the former now having an X-shaped plate. That, Titleist promise, gives a 20% reduction in drag which results in increased club head speed through the air.

Titleist have also made the titanium crown lighter than any other driver on the market, which in turn allows weight to be moved lower and deeper to help increase the launch angle and created added distance.

The face on the TS2 driver now has varying thickness to aid forgiveness on off centre strikes.

Titleist TS2 and TS3 Drivers

The Titleist TS3 driver carries all the same technology and design features of its TS2 sister: the same attractive black look, face technology, light crown and reduced drag.

But the difference comes courtesy of the face the SureFit CG system and cartridge used in the 917 drivers have remained in this new release, unlike the TS2 which features weights in the back of the head.

As a result, the sole of the TS3 drivers have a V-shape design with the cartridge running from heel to toe. It allows golfers to change the angle of loft and lie from draw to fade bias depending on personal preference.

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Mizuno ST200 Driver

Mizuno have created three different ball flight options in the trio of designs – the ST200, ST200G and ST200X – to suit different swing speeds, with all three providing low spin, improved forgiveness and more stability.

Mizuno have focused on ball flight with the ST200 drivers with the key technology the Beta rich Titanium face.

The “B Titanium” face is multi thickness Forged SAT Beta 20141 Titanium and is 17% stronger than previous versions used in Mizuno drivers. As a result, the ST200s have a more responsive club face and produce longer distances.

Mizuno ST200 Driver

Mizuno have managed to save weight in the clubhead by using a compacted Wave Sole as well a variable-thickness graphite crown.

The technology is present in all three versions of the driver – the Mizuno ST200 driver, the Mizuno ST200G driver and the Mizuno ST200X driver – with different flight levels across the range.

The ST200 is not adjustable but is “ultra stable” with a mid-to-low spin rate. The ST200G has two adjustable weights and is the choice for golfers with a high swing speed, while the ST200X has a heel bias weighting and is the choice for mid-to-low swing speed golfers.

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Callaway Mavrik Driver

Callaway Mavrik Drivers have hit the market with AI used in the creation of clubs that come with the promise that “distance that defies convention”.

The Callaway Mavrik driver has been been design using many of the traits of the Callaway Rogue, but this one stands out with a very neat orange and black colour scheme.

There is Callaway’s Flash Face technology with the super computer and AI used to come up with the perfect combination – just as it was in the creation of the Epic Flash.

Callaway Mavrik Drivers

Interestingly, Callaway are now using variations on the Flash Face technology is their various driver options.

Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology has also been incorporated in the Mavrik, Mavrik Max and Mavrik Sub Zero options, and the Triaxial Carbon Crown is also present in the new release.

The end result with the Mavrik is a driver that produces greater ball speed, more forgiveness and a supreme sound that golfers will just love hearing on the tee box.

The face has been made marginally lighter than the rogue, but it has also been strengthened by the latest titanium compound used.

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