Revisión de hierros Callaway Apex 21 (TRES modelos de primera clase)

Los hierros Callaway Apex 21 cuentan con tres modelos: Apex, DCB y Pro

Los nuevos hierros Callaway Apex 21 cuentan con los modelos Apex, DCB y Pro.

Hierros Callaway Apex 21

Callaway Apex 21 irons were first released in 2021 with three models in the range. takes a look at what each of the irons offer.

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The latest generation of the Apex irons, which were last released in 2019, have been upgraded and feature Callaway’s artificial intelligence for the first time in a forged iron.

Los tres modelos, Apex, DCB y Pro, tienen Flash Face Cup para velocidades de bola rápidas. Callaway también ha agregado Tungsten Energy Core a la gama Apex por primera vez.

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Lo que dice Callaway sobre los hierros Apex 21:

“Los nuevos hierros Apex 21 ofrecen un extraordinario nivel de rendimiento y artesanía forjados que nunca antes habíamos visto.

“Son el primer hierro forjado diseñado con inteligencia artificial para velocidades de bola más rápidas y consistencia de giro mejorada.

“El mayor perdón proviene de nuestro enorme núcleo de energía de tungsteno, y hemos mejorado la forma para una mejor interacción con el césped. En resumen, estos hierros ofrecen un rendimiento superior con una sensación icónica en cada swing.

Hierros Callaway Apex 21

“Nuestra copa frontal Flash diseñada por IA está en un Apex Iron forjado por primera vez en la historia. La arquitectura de IA única en cada hierro crea altas velocidades de bola y una mayor robustez de giro en la cara. Están diseñados para una distancia impresionante y un control preciso.

“Por primera vez, implementamos nuestro Tungsten Energy Core en un Apex Iron. Con 5 veces el tungsteno de Apex 19, podemos posicionar con precisión el centro de gravedad para promover un lanzamiento sobresaliente en todo el set y más perdón en los tiros descentrados ".

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Revisión de los hierros Callaway Apex 21

The forged Apex 21 blades is the standard version of the range and delivers the perfect blend of distance with forgiveness.

The irons are the first to be designed using Artificial Intelligence and Callaway have used the technology to improve ball speeds and minimise spin levels with the Flash Face Cup.

Hierros Callaway Apex 21

The Apex 21s feature a large Tungsten Energy Core for the first time, five times more than was in the Apex 19 irons, and the change has allowed the Center of Gravity to be repositioned.

The end result of that switch is an improve launch trajectory as well as greater forgiveness from across the face, even on off centre strikes.

The 1025 mild carbon steel body construction irons are available in 3-iron to 9-iron with a standard offset and moderate sole.

Revisión de los hierros Callway Apex DCB 21

The DCB is the Deep Cavity Back model option and have been designed to allow golfers of all abilities the opportunity to place the forged Apex blades.

These game-improvement irons combine the playability of forged irons with the forgiveness of the cavity back irons for the most all-round performance.

It is a first foray into the hybrid construction, the forged 1025 mild carbon steel body is accompanied by the deep cavity in a compact clubhead design.

Hierros Callaway Apex DCB 21

The sole of the Apex DCB irons is wider for improved turf interaction and the A.I. designed Flash Face Cup delivers explosive ball speeds and distance.

Like the Apex model, the CG has been moved to increase forgiveness, particularly on off-centre strikes, and optimise the launch angle.

The irons feature a moderate offset and are available in 4-iron to 9-iron.

Revisión de los hierros Callaway Apex Pro 21

The Apex Pro 21 irons are aimed at better golfers and elite level performers who want a classic looking blade in the bag.

The first generation of the Apex Pro to have an A.I. designed Flash Face Cup, Callaway have unleashed faster ball speeds from a high COR design.

The forged blade, which have all-new forged 1025 hollow body construction, is compact with a narrow sole width for supreme ball striking.

Hierros Callaway Apex Pro 21

The Apex Pro irons are designed for maximum playability and control, have a soft feel and have improved spin levels from across the face.

The Tungsten Energy Core is bigger than in previous models with 90 grams of tungsten in each iron to also help with forgiveness of these blades.

The Apex Pros are available in 3-iron to pitching wedge.

Verdict: Are Callaway Apex 21 Irons any good?

Callaway have you covered with something for all types of golfer in the trio of irons sets in the Apex 21 range.

The Apex range is a comprehensive offering with the standard Apex 21 model the most neutral and mass market performer. They are very impressive too.

The DCB model is the perfect choice for mid to high handicaps looking for maximum forgiveness, while the Pro irons should only come on your radar if you are a low handicapper looking for precision.

For the price you will pay, you can expect plenty of performance gains from more distance to maximum forgiveness across the set.

Preguntas Frecuentes

When was the Callaway Apex 21 irons release date?

The new irons were unveiled in 2021 and are still one of the best selling irons from Callaway.

What models of the Callaway Apex 21 irons are available?

The Apex 21 range features the Apex, DCB and Pro irons.

How much do the Callaway Apex 21 irons cost?

The irons are currently available at £840 / $950 per set for all three ranges.