GolfBuddy Voice Review

The GPS market moves on to the next level with the first talking product

Review of the GolfBuddy Voice GPS device.

Having a caddy by our side, advising on yardages and the correct club to hit and helping line up putts would make golf so much easier…and the GolfBuddy Voice does that.

After all two minds and two sets of eyes are better than one aren’t they?

Distance measuring devices or GPS rangefinders have given us an element of that in providing yardages to various points of the course, as have yardage books too.

We can also now head to simulators to find out exactly how far we hit each club to the nearest yard.

GolfBuddy Voice

One of the leading manufacturers of distance measuring devices (DMD), have taken the GPS market to the next level by introducing the first talking product – the GolfBuddy Voice.

There is the capability for 40,000 courses to be stored in the memory and the GolfBuddy Voice can be synced up via a PC to ensure the most up-to-date course maps are being used.

Measuring just 1.7 inches in width, the GolfBuddy Voice is tiny – no bigger than a golf ball in fact – and is ideal for clipping to the peak of a cap or visor or locking onto a belt as it weighs the paltry sum of an ounce.

“For hundreds of years golfers have relied on the human voice of caddies to dispense vital yardage information on the course,” said John Ennis, GolfBuddy General Manager.

“GolfBuddy has taken that time-honoured tradition and re-invented it for the technological age. The GolfBuddy Voice really is just like having a caddie with you and this groundbreaking golf GPS truly demonstrates how good things can come in small packages.”

GolfBuddy Voice Verdict

The new introduction, which can be bought for around the £129 mark, gives yardages to the front, middle and back of the green when prompted, reading out loud just as a caddy would do.

It’s easy to use – one press of the button and you have the vital details without the need to look at a GPS or spend time setting it to the correct hole. 

The GolfBuddy Voice has Auto Hole Recognition to know which hole you are playing too, and equally the rotating green facility means your distances will be accurate regardless of the angle you are approaching the green from.

All in all an impressive DMD although the voice side to it means it won’t be to everyone’s taste.

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