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Green and Back Golf Towel Review

The Green and Back golf towel is a handy solution to help golfers clean their clubs throughout a round…and ensure scores are not suffering because of dirty clubs.

Every golfer has a golf towel to clean their clubs after playing a shot, but what we haven’t had is one that can also clean the grooves of irons too. Now that has changed with Green and Back’s product.

Green and Back Golf Towel

Green and Back have come up with an interestingly designed towel which has a brush added into the product to allow golfers to clean deep into the grooves of their clubs rather than just wipe the face.

How many times have you, as a golfer, cleaned your grooves at home after a round?

The fact it needs to be done shows just how much dirt is lingering in your clubs while playing a round. That dirt could well be impacting on your score on the course.

With the Green and Back product, described by the manufacturer as “the most convenient golf towel in the world”, you can clean those grooves after each shot.

The brush has been integrated as part of the towel and it genuinely is unique, and makes it quick and easy to clean clubs.

Use the brush to clean the dirt off the club and in the grooves, wipe clean with the towel and you should ensure your spin and control is not compromised the next time you use the iron or wedge.

There is no compromise on quality when it comes to the towel either. You’re getting a 120g golf towel and a reinforced ABS plastic brush at a competitive price.

Green and Back Towel Verdict

We’ve all done it and used a tee to clean the grooves in our irons.

Well now we don’t need to because this towel is exactly what a lot of golfers have been waiting for.

Give the club head a quick scrub and wipe the dirt away with the towel and you’ll be enjoying a crisp, clean contact next time.

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