How Playing Disc Golf Can Improve Your Golf Game

Disc Golf can have benefits for traditional golf

Why playing disc golf can have a benefit on your golf game.

Disc Golf

Attendance on golf courses over the past several years has been marred by pandemic shut downs. But have you wondered how playing disc golf can improve your golf game?

Despite Covid-19 challenges, and also because of them, the golfing spirit and participation rates have remained steadfast in most areas, rising in others. Golf shares a new wide appeal as a safe sport, due to its open-air and physically-distanced play.

Disc golf has also been swinging hits worldwide, cementing its status as one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

In the United States, where 70% of the world’s disc golf courses are concentrated, the Professional Disc Golf Association reported dramatic leaps in membership across all demographics in 2021, but most notably in the under 25 and over 75 age brackets.

Both groups, roughly representative of those embarking on the sport, as well as those retirees resuming it, appear to be cherishing disc golf as a way to improve their performance on more traditional greens.

How can disc golf work for you?

Accessible to More Players

For those starting to learn golf, returning to the sport after injury or absence, and for others whose discretionary household spending has been impacted by rising inflation, disc golf represents both a suitable alternative and a complementary activity to regular golf.

It’s technically less demanding, and more affordable and easily accessed than its older cousin, rendering it a great place to begin improving one’s general golf game.

There’s also an ongoing proliferation of new disc golf courses across the US, which are easily accessed by differently-abled persons and all age groups,

Getting the Right Discs

In order to get the greatest benefit and maximum distance out of your disc golf game, the selection of appropriate flying discs for driving, putting, and mid-range throws is essential.

Choosing a disc golf driver, suitable for tee shots and long fairway drives is just as important as selecting the right driver for traditional golf.

A good rule of throw for beginners is to select lighter weights so that you can focus on developing ability, strength, and style.

For shorter shots and when approaching the target, a mid-range driver that has a predictable flight will be most effective, while putting and short upshots demand a putter that flies straight.

Simpler Learning

Disc golf provides an overall workout that includes upper and lower body conditioning, as well as increased aerobic activity, activating and strengthening many of the same muscles used in golf.

It also helps hone focus, mental agility, and requires an understanding of the influence of weather conditions on the motion of human bodies and equipment.

The diminished skill level of disc golf is another of its learning features. During disc golf, a player need only focus on the position of the fingers on one hand, unlike golf where both hands are engaged.

Similarly, posture and stance assume a lesser significance in disc golf. Thus, in narrowing the field of technical engagement, disc golf enables more attention to be devoted to improvement in other areas, such as strength, speed, and distance.

In 2022 it appears more golfers than ever are discovering that disc golf shares the same underlying principles as golf.

Albeit with differing apparatus, the mental and physical stamina required to finish an 18-basket disc golf course is on par with that necessary to complete a regular 18-hole golf game.