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Odin X1 Golf Balls Review

Odin X1 Golf Balls are a premium tour performance ball from the new manufacturer. How does it stand up to more established brands?

The X1 ball is joined X and XS, two cheaper version, but neither perform to the high quality like this model which offers tour-like distance and spin.

Odin’s premium ball is the X1 and is similar to the Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5 and Bridgestone Tour BX in performance, but at a significantly lower price point.

What Odin says about the X1 golf ball:

“With the Odin X1 you’ll get an advanced ball that hits all the notes.

“Big time distance, workable off the tee and approach shots, and the spin you need for maximum greenside control.

“The X1 is a workhorse, so you’ll find it has some prime distance, spin and control around the green. Plus, it’s really durable.

“If you’re a more advanced player and want a tour-level ball, this one will fit you perfectly. It’s everything you’ll need and more.”

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Odin X1 Golf Ball Design & Features

Odin have introduced the X1 golf ball – and the sister models the X and XS – with the intention of providing affordable balls that perform and last.

The X1 is the tour level option, offering the same type of distance and spin levels that you can expect from the industry leading Pro V1 from Titleist.

Odin X1 Balls

The X1 is a 3-piece construction ball designed to suit mid-to-low handicap golfers looking for a workable option to play.

The X1 ball has a high compression and is suited to golfers with a faster than average swing speed.

The urethane cover is extremely durable and tough and you will find these are balls that can stick around in your bag for a good length of time.

Verdict: Are the Odin X1 golf balls any good?

The X1 balls may not have the same appeal as the big brands, but there were some impressive gains to be made when we tested them.

Odin X1 Balls

First of all, they are very durable with very little marking during a round. Secondly, they perform very much like the Titleist Pro V1s that are normally in my bag.

Distance-wise, the length off the tee was very similar to the Pro V1s and spin on the green was only marginally less that you might expect from the leading brands.

The big appeal for the X1 golf balls is the price. Value for money is the best way to describe them.


Are Odin X1 golf balls any good?

They are an impressive ball. The performance is as good as some much more established rival brands, but the price point is much lower. In terms of value for money, the X1s certainly do pack a punch.

How much do Odin X1 golf balls cost?

The Odin X1 balls are priced at $34.99 for a dozen.

What other Odin golf balls are available?

The X1 is the tour performance model of the Odin range. The XS is the all-rounder with good spin and distance levels, while the X is the cheapest option and is targeted at mid-to-high handicappers. All three are 3-piece balls.