Tips for Buying Men’s Golf Clothing

How to look your best on the course

A guide on how to look your best on the course.


Shopping…possibly every man’s worst nightmare.

Where the ladies like to hit the shops and don’t mind spending hours scrolling online – taking fashion inspiration from social media and comparing prices and reviews – most men do not.

But the truth is, being selective and choosing items that fit all of your requirements (after careful research and comparison) is a sensible idea – especially if it’s golf clothing.

There are oodles of options when it comes to men’s golf clothing – from practical garments that keep you warm on colder golf days to stylish staples that look just as good on the course as they do in the clubhouse (or the pub afterwards!).

Not to mention an assortment of colours, sizes and fits. Yet despite this, many male golfers still opt for the first item that will, seemingly, do the job.
That’s why we thought we would offer a few useful tips for the boys when shopping for golf apparel.

So, let’s get started.

Check Your Local Club’s Dress Code

Rule number one is to consider the club’s dress code and etiquette. The last thing you want to do is stand out like a sore thumb or, even worse, be told you cannot play.

Typical attire for the golf course – and worth keeping in mind when shopping for men’s golf clothing – includes collared or polo-style shirts, tucked into a pair of golf trousers that kiss the top of your shoes.

Or, on hot days, a sweat-wicking polo shirt and shorts that end just above the knee.

Know Your Body Type

No two golfers are the same shape or size. Some are tall and slim (ectomorph), or have a muscular and athletic build (mesomorph), whereas others are of a more rounded shape and gain weight easily (endomorph).

This explains why the range of men’s golf clothing is so vast.

Whilst it’s important to dress to impress when hitting the links, your golf clothing needs to be practical and should flatter your figure.

Try and stick to darker colours as they are often the most flattering and tend not to highlight ‘problem areas’. You can always add a pop of colour to your look with accessories.

Check Your Fit

Do your pants feel a tad tight on the leg? Is your shirt oversized or uncomfortable on the collar? Perhaps your polo is a little restrictive on the arms, preventing you from getting the perfect swing?

If any of the above ring true with you, it’s time to get rid and invest in some men’s golf clothing – preferably clothes that fit snug in all of the right places.

First and foremost, stay clear of loose-fitting clothes. Though they may seem like the comfiest option for days on the golf course they can hinder your game. Instead, keep everything nice and trim.

Ideally, a golf top will provide both comfort and elegance for casual rounds and competitions alike.

If you’re layering up and adding a jumper or sweatshirt, be sure to tuck your shirt collar in to maintain a crisp look. And for the bottoms, make sure your tapered trouser legs (or shorts if desired) aren’t too long or too short.


Try To Match Your Outfits

Want to know the secret to looking good on the golf course? Fluidity and matching garments – just ask any fashion-conscious golfer and they’ll tell you that the entire outfit needs to blend as one.

Black is a staple colour for many men – and it’s a colour often seen on the golf course – as well as an assortment of bright and neutral hues.

Whether you prefer a black on black combination or to mix and match with whites, greys, browns and beiges, or patterns, the options are endless when it comes to men’s golf clothing.

So, why not take a look at what you already have inside your wardrobe before adding more, and see what stylish and practical outfit combos you can come up with?

Don’t Forget The Waterproofs

Admittedly, golf waterproofs aren’t the most fashionable garments you can buy but you can never have too many. Let’s face it, we are prone to wet weather here in the UK and, having a golf waterproof suit handy will allow you to continue playing without a hitch.

There are various types of waterproof protection, including rainproof/showerproof jackets which will keep you dry during short, sharp showers; and fully waterproof coats and trousers that are often made from Gore-Tex and guaranteed to keep you dry and comfortable all day long.

Look Out For Sales and Special Offers

Even if you loathe shopping, we’ll bet that you love a good bargain. And luckily for you, many golf shops, like Clarkes’ Golf Centre, regularly move items into the sale to keep pace with the latest fashion trends and product releases.

This means, if you’ve been saving up to buy men’s golf clothing – injecting some style into your dated wardrobe – you can do so for a fraction of the price.

Check out the extensive range of golf clothing available at Clarkes’ Golf and treat yourself to a few new stylish staples.

It could be anything from a half-zip jacket or stylish gilet to a pair of stretchy golf pants or new shoes. And remember to browse the range in full before you make any impulsive decisions.