Огляд Takomo 101 Irons (ПРОЩЕННЯ та цінність)

The 101 irons were the first ever model launched by Takomo Golf

The 101 irons are the original model from Takomo Golf.

Праски Takomo 101

The first set of irons ever made by Takomo Golf, the Takomo 101 irons provide both great forgiveness and value.

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风水2023年的颜色提示 fs

The Takomo 101 irons, which are now joined by the 101T model, are the first set to come from CEO Sebastian Haapahovi and Takomo Golf, first debuting in 2021.

Haapahovi is a regular golfer who was frustrated trying to find clubs that had great quality but low prices, and as a result created Takomo Golf in Finland in 2020.

Since that time, Takomo has become a household name by selling clubs directly to consumers at great value, with the 101 irons in particular selling out as soon as they were introduced.

What Takomo Golf says about the 101 irons:

“When forgiveness, distance, and looks collide – you’re left with our new Iron 101.

“Beautifully designed 431 carbon steel muscle-back irons, yet hollow body design promotes forgiveness without giving up your distance or looks.

Праски Takomo 101

“The Iron 101 hollow body design makes it extremely forgiving. The face is precision-milled thin for high ball compression and spring effect for maximum ball speed, even on mishits.

“The Iron 101 face is precision-milled 1.65 mm thin to achieve a high COR value. The hollow body design is comprised of a soft 431 stainless steel body welded to a hardened heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel face.”

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Takomo 101 Iron Specs & Design

Takomo 101 irons are a hollow body design providing incredible value for both new and intermediate golfers. Are the irons worth buying over similar iron sets today?

The Takomo 101 irons were introduced as an iron set that most regular golfers could play with.

Праски Takomo 101

They feature a hollow body design with a 431-carbon steel muscle-back cavity, and what helps the iron set to stand out is a 1.65 mm thin face to help give more distance.

The 101 irons come in a set from 4-iron (20.4 degrees of loft) to pitching wedge (44 degrees of loft).

The irons comes with KBS Tour or KBS Tour Lite shafts (Regular/Stiff/X) options and Lamkin Crossline grips in right or left-handed clubs.

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Вердикт: чи хороші праски Takomo 101?

At only $459 USD, the iron set is a tremendous value for high-to-mid handicap players looking for a high-quality set that will last a long time.

The hallmark of this iron set is the forgiveness the irons provide. Mishits do not feel like mishits and go much straighter than comparable iron sets.

Праски Takomo 101

Even shots off of the toe and heel of the irons still provide a degree of forgiveness, making these irons ideal for players who struggle with direction.

Another characteristic of the set golfers will appreciate is that added distance and carry it gives, especially with the high irons. Those struggling to get the ball in the air with their high irons will find it much easier to do so with the 101 irons.

Питання і відповіді

Скільки коштують праски Takomo Golf 101?

Вони коштують 459 доларів США плюс доставка.

Які технічні характеристики праски Takomo 101?

Технічні характеристики 101 праски: 4 праски (20.4 градуси), 5 прасок (23 градусів), 6 прасок (26 градусів), 7 прасок (30 градуси), 8 прасок (34 градусів), 9- залізо (39 градус), хитаючий клин (44 градусів).

Are the Takomo 101, 101T or 201 irons better for beginner golfers?

The 101 irons provide much more forgiveness than the 201 irons, and as such it would be preferable for beginning golfers to go with the 101 irons. The 101T model, meanwhile has been designed for lower handicap players.