Why Mohammed Bin Rashid City is ideal for property investment for golf lovers

Why golf lovers can benefit from Dubai property investment

Why Mohammed Bin Rashid City is about more than just the spectacular golf courses.

Earth Course

In recent years, people have given considerable attention to property investment. In the majority of the cases, investing in properties has showcased success.

Whether you are a professional in this field or you just started, you will always be in hunt for places that offer the highest returns when it comes to ROI, lifestyle amenities and capital growth.

If you are interested to know such a place in Dubai, it is Mohammed Bin Rashid City.

This location is a versatile spot in the middle of Dubai. It was aimed and constructed as a city inside the Dubai and is named after the ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum.

Since it was envisioned by him, the city is named after him too. Mohammed Bin Rashid City is an ideal place to invest in properties and the following reasons will let you know why.

Location, Location, Location

Location is the first thing to consider before investing in any property. Without considering location, you cannot make a reliable and strategic investment.

MBR City is situated on the roads of Sheikh Zayed road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road, Al Khail road and Al Ain Dubai road.

This shows that this latest master development is properly connected to the whole Dubai. It’s linked with the big streets and highways.


The categories and qualities of properties are important to consider before investing. Luxurious homes and units with open plan layout and high quality infrastructure gain lots of tenants.

Only in a property boasting these characteristics can generate high returns. Mohammed Bin Rashid City is a combination of residential and commercial communities. Some of the most popular developments inside the MBR City are District One, Sobha Hartland, Meydan City and Dubai Hills Estate.

Luxuryproperty.com offers a big collection of luxurious villas and apartments in Mohammed Bin Rashid City Dubai, and also the mid-range townhouses available in sustainable communities that were constructed by following the eco-friendly living standards.

The award-winning properties by the LuxuryProperties.com in the Mohammed Bin Rashid City Dubai, Wilton Park Residencies and Wilton Terraces display a green living and sustainable lifestyle smoothly situated in the center of beautiful parks. These developments display stunning views of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and the skyline of Downtown Dubai.

Wilton Park Residencies provides a natural lifestyle experience for the residents. Due to the natural environment, it’s construction and style are eco-friendly too.

Some of the amenities included are children’s play areas with multiple play zones, infinity pool and gyms. The homes offer a well-constructed kitchen, open plan layout and floor-to-ceiling windows. Everything is made by following the practice of biophilic design.

Lifestyle and amenities

What the future residents will receive also influences the investment decision because tenants don’t want to compromise on living standards. And fortunately, MBR City is ideal for both families and tourists due to the wide range of facilities, amenities and services it offers to everyone.

Shopping malls and retail

The Meydan One Mall is said to boast the world’s longest indoor ski slope. This mall will feature a 13,200 square meter hypermarket and 550 retail outlets. It’s a very anticipated development in the MBR City as it is determined to redefine the shopping experience.

Golf, entertainment, leisure and recreation

The Crystal Lagoon is expected to become the biggest artificial lagoon in the world. It is inspired by the Caribbean and the lagoon is spread across 7 kilometres. It includes palm trees and transparent turquoise water that are encircled by parks, corporate towers and residential development.

Moreover, the Meydan Golf Course is a distinct 9-hole course that is spread across 7,412 yards of natural lakes and tee choices.

Earth Course

The Meydan Golf Course Dubai runs on a pay and play concept which is perfect for visitors But the Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai is one of the most impressive Golf Estate in World offering luxury homes and leisure facilities amidst two internationally-acclaimed championship golf courses.

It is ideal for all the golf enthusiasts in the city. All Golf Estates have 2-horse racing tracks that are spread across 1.5 kilometers. They can accommodate 8,000 people.

Educational institutions

The North London Collegiate School is situated inside the Sobha Hartland community within the Mohammed Bin Rashid City. It is a huge, 38,000 square meters campus that follows international syllabus for the wellbeing of students.

On a very short distance from Wilton Park Residencies and Wilton Terraces, this international school is located.

Another international school, also located inside the Sobha Hartland, Hartland International School goes by the UK curriculum for both primary and secondary grades.

Appreciation potential

Appreciation is the best perk of real estate investment. Your property investment should boast a solid appreciation potential when it comes to the property and neighbourhood. Mohammed Bin Rashid City is one of the most anticipated developments in the city due to the strong vision it offers.

It is set to provide one-of-a-kind residential properties and top-rated entertainment options. A few developments of the Mohammed Bin Rashid City are expected to break records and will become a competitor against the world’s best.

Titled as a city within a city, Mohammed Bin Rashid City will be the new Downtown in Dubai. It is yet to completely develop but since Dubai has never failed in delivering innovation and new changes, supported by unbeatable government motivation and financial aid, the community is displaying excellent progress reports and the market trend is about to increase.

This means that Mohammed Bin Rashid City will generate a high demand in the market, for the future, in both primary and secondary.

Zero tax

If an investor is not obliged to pay property taxes on capital growth and rental returns, nothing can be better for the investment and investor. Dubai is an Emirate boasting zero tax.

This is why it gains the attention of investors from all over the world. Both foreign and native investors flock towards Dubai for making their investment in properties. Since Dubai has zero tax, it is also one of the cheapest cities in the world for making investments.

Similarly, the residential properties in the Mohammed Bin Rashid City have a zero tax policy as well. There are no inheritance tax, income tax or capital gains tax.