10 Birthday Present Ideas For A Golfer

Ideas to purchase for a golf lover

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Struggling for a birthday present ideas for a golf-mad member of your family or friend? Well, we’ve got you covered with our top 10 gift ideas for a golfer.

Whether your family member or friend is a casual golfer or plays every week of the year, we’ve picked out something for everyone.

From trendy clothing to gift vouchers, here is the GolfReviewsGuide top 10 birthday present ideas for golfers:

1. Golf Shirt

A golfer can never have enough golf shirts. You’ll find something in just about every colour possible.

2. Golf Balls

A golfer can never have enough balls and a box wrapped up will almost certainly be a welcome present. Srixon AD333 golf balls are a popular choice amongst golfers as are Titliest NXT Tour or Titliest Pro V1 golfs balls.

3. Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards

If you’re struggling to decide what to get, let your family member or friend decide themselves. Purchase vouchers or a gift card and leave them to buy exactly what they need.

4. Golf Cap

Golfers wear caps, well most do. And when it comes to cost, they’re very reasonably priced too. You can’t go wrong handing out one as a gift.

5. Golf Shoes

If you know the shoe size of the golfer you are buying for, then why not get them a snazzy new pair of golf shoes. Choose between a traditional pair of spiked shoes or the comfortable summer trainer-style shoes that are all the rage.

6. Golf Jumper

A new golf jumper would be a welcome addition to any golfer’s wardrobe. We particularly like weatherproof quarter-zip numbers but there are other varieties.

7. Golf GPS Watch

They aren’t cheap, but as the main birthday present ideas, they don’t come much better. A game-changer, any GPS watch provides a golfer with distances on the golf course and you’ll be in the good books for some time.

8. Golf Gift Set

A gift set is a great one the easiest birthday present ideas if you’re looking for something relatively small. There’s some great options too – mini golf games, ball and tee sets among them.

9. Golf Putting Mat or Chipping Mat

Give your golfing buddy the chance to improve their game with a putting mat. Versions range in size up to 6ft mat and provide the opportunity to perfect their putting in the comfort of the living room. If it is a chipping mat you’re looking for, the ChippingPro Training Aid is one of the best out there.

10. Golf Lessons

Regardless of ability, every golfer could do with a lesson every now and again to improve their game or make tweaks to their swing, grip or stance. Buying some golf lesson vouchers helps them do just that. You can buy in monetary value.