Best Golf Putters 2023 (TOP Rated Blades & Mallets)

Golf Reviews Guide picks out the best new putters options for 2023

The best golf putters for 2023 with the shortlist.

TaylorMade Spider GT Putter

Looking for new golf putters for 2023? The best golf putters 2023 have been picked out in the shortlist.

The putter is one of the most important golf clubs in the game, as it is used more often than any other club in the bag.

Therefore, it of the utmost importance to have one that provides as much comfort and confidence as possible on the greens.

Not all putters are the same, and simply buying the most expensive one off the shelf at a retail store will not guarantee lower scores.

Trying out putters on a practice green before buying one is just as important as trying out an iron set or driver on a golf simulator.

Here are some of the best golf putters 2023 has to offer, or you can read our guides to the best golf drivers for 2023best woods for 2023 and best irons for 2023. Make sure you are playing the best golf balls for 2023 too.

1. Taylormade Spider GT Putter

TaylorMade Spider GT Putter

Taylormade is known for being on the cutting edge when it comes to putter designs, and the Spider GT putters are no different.

The series features very sharp angles with a wing like construction, along with a solid white aiming line across all four putters: the Spider GT, Spider GT Notchback, Spider GT Rollback and Spider GT Splitback.

What truly separates the Spider GT from other putters is the amount of weight put in the perimeter of it, with over 80% of the putter’s weight is on the perimeter of the head to create a tremendous amount of stability.

Golfers who struggle on short putts or with the yips in general will find it difficult to mishit this putter with the weight positioned the way that it is.

The weight combined with the face insert that has aluminum bars angled at 45 degrees promotes a more consistent roll.

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2. Odyssey Toulon Series

Odyssey Toulon Madison Putter

Anyone looking for a classic design with modern upgrades should consider the Odyssey Toulon Series putters range.

The series features the San Diego, Madison, Chicago, Atlanta, Memphis, Las Vegas, Las Vegas DB, Daytona and Le Mans, a complete range of blades and mallets.

One of the main unique features of the Toulon putters is a diamond groove mill pattern, which allows the golf ball to roll as smoothly as well as any premium putter on the golf market today.

The putters also features a split weight design where weight is positioned forward and towards the perimeter, adding more forgiveness and a better feel overall on longer distance putts.

3. Odyssey White Hot OG Putters

Odyssey White Hot OG Putters

Odyssey is known for having some of the best putters on the golf market today, and it should come as no surprise that the White Hot OG series makes the list of best golf putters 2023.

The iconic white two-part urethane insert returns for the putter along with some other upgrades to make it a must-have putter for both competitive and amateur golfers.

One such upgrade is in the shaft, where the steel section has been shortened along with reduced weight and added stiffness.

The White Hot OG putters feature the #1, #1WS #7 Bird, #7 CH, #7 Nano, #7S, 2-Ball, Double Wide, Rossie and Rossie S models.

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4. Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 Putter

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 Putter

The Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 putter is one of the more unique-looking putters on the market today.

But once golfers start hitting putts with it they will soon come to realize it deserves a spot amongst the best putters available for 2023.

One of a number of putters launched in the Phantom X putters series along with the 5, 5.5, 5s, 7, 7.5, 9, 9.5, 11 and 11.5 putters, the X12 is among the most popular of the options.

A lot of it has to do with the weight placement, with most of the weight being put on the perimeter of the putter head.

It is somewhat similar to the Taylormade Spider GT in this respect, but two main features that separate it are a mid-bend steel shaft and a more prominent alignment feature to instill more confidence when putting.

The shaft does not have a distracting look upon address, however, and golfers can find confidence when using this putter for both short and long distance putts.

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5. Cobra King Vintage Sport-60

Cobra King Vintage Sport-60 Putter

Similar to the Toulon putters, the Cobra King Vintage Sport-60 putter offers a classic blade shape made out of stainless steel.

Two features that really help to differentiate the putter from competitors are an aluminium face insert with descending loft technology, along with an adjustable weighting system that has two 20-gram sole weights.

These can be adjusted either higher or lower depending on one’s preferences.

The face technology in particular is one that will appeal most to golfers, as the loft of the putter head descends as one goes down, which leads to a more consistent roll of the golf ball no matter what attack angle a golfer has.

6. Ping PLD Anser

Ping PLD Milled Anser Putter

Made out of 303 forged stainless steel, the Ping PLD Anser has a unique milling pattern on its face that not only provides great roll on the greens but an especially soft feel as well.

The Anser is pick of the blade putters in the new Ping PLD series that also features the Anser 2, DS72 and Prime Tyne 4 putters.

Golfers who are more of a feel-type of putter should certainly consider trying out this one. The amount of forgiveness provided is also noteworthy.

Many putters these days say they provide forgiveness, but the Ping PLD Anser really delivers on longer distance putts more than any competitor on the list.