ChippingPro Short Game Training Aid Review

Learn how to chip like a pro in one hour

Struggling with your short game or got a case of the yips around the greens? The ChippingPro training aid aims to cure your woes – and may be the answer to your problems.

A training aid which can be used at home, at the course or even in the office, it is designed to help you eradicate the bad and accentuate the positives in your short game.

How does it work and what game improvements can you expect after using the ChippingPro?

ChippingPro Training Aid

ChippingPro is a Short Game Training Aid that actively teaches you how to chip like a pro in one hour, providing instant feedback for the user on the optimum chipping swing path.

It promotes a confident, repeatable chipping swing, and also importantly restricts ineffective and incorrect chipping swings.

Usable outside or inside, ChippingPro can be used on the course, chipping area, driving range, in your garden and even in your home and office.

Additionally, you can use it with a golf ball, practice ball or without a ball, ideal if you are busy or short of space.

Lightweight and portable, it fits into the golf bag pocket or work bag, and is strong and well-built enough to use without any worry.

ChippingPro Short Game trainer aid

So how does it work in practice? Set up is very easy, you just put the mat down on the floor aimed towards your target. Take your normal stance, and try to chip the ball to the target.

Sounds simple, but the “obstruction block” to the rear of the mat blocks any hint of a dreaded scoop or a push.

Quickly however, within 2 or 3 attempts, your clubhead starts connecting sweetly with the back of the ball, and your clubhead moves through the optimum swing path to where the “indicator flap” awaits to indicate whether the perfect chip has been achieved or not.

ChippingPro Training Aid Verdict

Not the most eye-catching product you’re going to see (the manufacturers plan an improved look to the packaging), but it is effective.

Chipping is all about speed and rhythm and ChippingPro drills you to get both right. Catch the back obstruction block and you’ll soon correct your mistake and start hitting the sweet spot and avoid fat shots.

It may be loud (the manufacturer is again working on a noise reduction), but the flap tells you if you are chipping correctly. You should catch it on your follow through. If you’re not, you’ll know.

All in all, it is an impressive aid, well worth trying out. The beauty of the product is it can be taken anywhere and used too. If you are struggling with your short game, it will provide a few answers and solutions.

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