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Home » Jeni Brooke Golf: Age, Net Worth, Social Media & Pictures (Birdie Babe)

Jeni Brooke Golf: Age, Net Worth, Social Media & Pictures (Birdie Babe)

Jeni Brooke Golf

Jeni Brooke is a golf social media influencer also known as Birdie Babe. Complete guide to Jeni Brooke Birdie Babe, her age, net worth and social media.

Brooke took up the game of golf as recently as 2020 but has forged a career as an influencer on social media with a mix of entertaining and eye-catching content.

Known for her skimpy outfits similar to Paige Spiranac, as well as a trademark tee in her mouth look, Brooke has built up a huge following across her Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube channels.

Jeni Brooke Birdie Babe Pictures

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About Jeni Brooke Golf (@birdiebabe)

Brooke was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, was an early success in the sporting world.

Brooke started playing tennis at the age of four and proved a success as a youngster, rising to be number 10 ranked in the state of Texas.

Having suffered a broken back at the age of 13, it signalled the end of her tennis prospects and she still has yet to have any surgery on the spine.

Jeni Brooke Golf
Image: Jeni Brooke / Instagram

Having enjoyed trips to TopGolf with her family, she found her natural tennis ability transferred over to golf and she was hooked.

Lessons followed and her golfing story began with Brooke getting to a handicap of 14 in 2024.

One day playing golf on the course alone, she recorded herself and posted on TikTok in 2021. It proved the start of her career as an influencer with the trademark tee in her mouth also starting at this point.

Jeni Brooke Golf
Image: Jeni Brooke / Instagram

She plays most of her golf at Dallas Cowboys Golf Club and shoots her content on the course in Grapevine, TX.

Jeni Brooke Age & Family

In 2024, Brooke was 26. She has a young son Luke, who she gave birth to when she was 21.

Her mother performs a lot of the filming of golf content for Jeni.

Jeni Brooke Golf
Image: Jeni Brooke Golf / Instagram

Jeni Brooke Golf Net Worth

Jeni Brooke’s net worth is not known.

She works with golf brands Titleist, Vessel Golf and GoGoGoSport rangefinders among other companies.

Brooke works with others brands including Penguin and Wrangler, promoting them in her social media content.

Jeni Brooke Golf
Image: Jeni Brooke / Instagram

According to Brooke, she gets paid between “$500 to a couple thousand” per video for the outfits she wears.

She has also hinted in an interview with Millionaire Mentorship Podcast that her own branded tee range is in the pipeline.

Jeni Brooke Golf Social Media Presence

Brooke has established a significant presence on social media with her golf skills but more so risque outfits and innuendo on the course.

Jeni Brooke Golf
Image: Jeni Brooke / Instagram

On Instagram she has amassed over 102,000 followers, while her TikTok account has also seen substantial growth with more than 51,000 followers.

Brooke can also be found on YouTube and Facebook.