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Golf Care Golf Insurance Review

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Golf Care insurance is one of the best policies for golfers on the market with a range of options to choose from to suit your exact requirements.

Whether you are a casual golfer looking to ensure your clubs are protected against loss or theft, or a die-hard three or four times a week golfer looking for full protection while on the course, on holiday and from all possible eventualities, Golf Care have the right policy for everyone.

Golf Care Insurance Policies – What you are protected against

Loss of Golf Clubs and Equipment: A golfer is nothing without his clubs and other essentials for a round. Golf insurance will cover you against loss, theft or damage of all of your equipment should the unfortunate happen and you find yourself without clubs, trolley, bag, balls or even clothing. Golf Care’s “New for Old” policy means you’ll get your missing clubs or equipment replaced with brand new versions (if the missing ones were less than three years old) or a monetary payment if older.

Personal Liability: Have you ever feared being injured or injuring someone on the golf course? Whether it’s needing time off work and losing income, or putting a fellow golfer in hospital after a wayward shot, things happen on the golf course that you would think: “it will never happen to me”. It does unfortunately, and Golf Care have had some massive claims too…some into seven figure sums. Golf insurance personal liability will cover you up to £5,000,000 if you damage property or injure someone, cover yourself for up to £50,000 if you suffer a serious injury on the course or cover you for up to £2,500 for third party damage to the property of others.

Golf Care Insurance Policies

Hole-In-One Insurance: Getting a hole in one can be the most exhilarating experience on a golf course. It can be a most expensive afterwards, too. With the tradition being to buy the drinks for the entire clubhouse after you shoot an ace, things can get particularly expensive…and the ecstasy of the achievement can quickly turn to misery and an empty wallet. Golf Care’s hole-in-one insurance covers you for up to £200 towards the drinks bill.

Advantages of having of Golf Care policy

3 Free Rounds: Who doesn’t like a free round of golf? Well, you’ll get three of them when taking up a Golf Care insurance policy. The three free rounds would cost you more than your policy itself if you paid for them, so it really is a bargain. There are over 70 leading courses to choose from including Celtic Manor and The Belfry as well as stunning courses part of the Marriott, De Vere, MacDonald Hotels and QHotels groups.

Peace Of Mind: The relatively small annual fee for insurance seems worthwhile when you look at some of the figures you’d have to pay out. Whether it is buying new clubs or paying out liability for damage or injuries, it’s a peace of mind to have your insurance policy batting on your side. With three free rounds coming with the policy, it really is a no-brainer to have a golf insurance policy.

BUY: A golf insurance policy from experts GOLF CARE starts from just £22.99 a year.

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