Golfers Who Like A Flutter

Which golfers love to bet and play in casinos?

Which golfers love a bet and a flutter?

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Golf is not only a sport that has millions of fans worldwide, but it’s one of the wealthiest sports on the planet too. We take a look at golfers who like a flutter.

Some of the prize money that is up for grabs is unreal, which means that many golfers happen to have a spare bit of cash lying around that they can spend in their downtime.

So naturally, some players enjoy gambling, which you can understand as they will have to take risks on the course.

Tiger Woods

We kick off our list of golfers who like a flutter with the one man everyone will expect, and that’s Tiger Woods.

In the eyes of most, Woods is the greatest golfer of all time, with his natural ability back in his pomp very unrivalled.

However, you could argue that Woods is known for his off-course antics as much as he is for what he’s achieved in the sport.

As well as being renowned for loving the high life, Woods is also a fan of casinos, especially those in Vegas.

But, with the media spotlight always on him, it’s more likely the case he plays at one of the many safe and reputable online casino brands, so he doesn’t keep making the headlines.

Jordan Spieth

Talking of natural talent, Jordan Spieth is another golfer blessed with tons of natural ability.

The former world number one, who has three majors to his name, may have slipped out of the top ten rankings, but his achievements on the course are there for all to see.

He was the youngest player to win the US Open since Bobby Jones did so in 1923, after all.

It’s fair to say when Spieth was at the top of the sport, he amassed plenty of riches, and it’s said he used this and his undoubted skill and luck at casinos.

And he even went as far as partnering up with gambling brands in the US.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy, who hails from County Down in Northern Ireland, is one of the UK’s top experts on the golfing front.

The 32-year-old, who has 32 professional wins to his name, spent 106 weeks as world number one, and currently competes on both the European and PGA Tours.

After swapping his native Northern Ireland for Florida in the US, it’s fair to say that McIlroy went from having a few bets with his friends and family to visiting casinos because of how popular they are in the country. And who can blame him?

Dustin Johnson

We started our list of golfers who like a flurry with a player very fitting of the title, and we’re going to end it with another who fits the bill in Dustin Johnson.

There is no doubting that Johnson is an incredibly talented golfer. He has victories in the Masters and the US Open to show for it.

However, the American is also known for being one of the more exciting players on the course, with a lot of this down to his willingness to take risks.

You could suggest that there are elements of his game that are high risk-high reward, which also carries through to how he plays at casinos.