Green Tees Review

Bamboo tees are available in castle and standard tee sizes

Green Tees have released a range of biodegradable bamboo tee pegs.

Green Tees

Green Tees are new environmental and biodegradable plastic tees launched to help golfers become more sustainable while playing the game.

Launched in 2020, Green Tees were created to help solve the plastic problems that is transcending golf as well as every day life.

Made from bamboo, Green Tees are an environmental alternative to the traditional plastic and hardwood tees that the vast majority of golfers have been using for decades.

There are also biodegradable plastic tees in the Green Tees range.

What Green Tees say about the bamboo tees:

“We’re elated by the number of people who are making the change from plastic or hardwood to sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo tees,” Green Tees founder Simon Hassett said.

“There has been talk about using biodegradable plastics in golf tee manufacturing for sometime – but with our new hollow structure castle tees, we are the first to actually do it.

Green Tees

“We’re challenging plastic tees head-on. Our bamboo castle golf tees are identical in size to their plastic counterparts, they take a hell of a beating and they’re amazing for the environment. Replace your plastic with bamboo today.

“Depending on what tee you’re replacing in your golf bag – we’ve coloured the logo on the top of each tee, so you can see if you have the correct size at a glance. All done with non-toxic inks, of course.”

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Green Tees Bamboo Tees Design

Green Tees introduced their range of biodegradable bamboo tees as alternative to traditional plastic tees, or hardwood varieties.

The decision to make tees of a variety of sizes from bamboo was made due to the fact that the material is not only biodegradable, but also because it creates seven times more oxygen than hardwood – and has benefits more widespread.

Green Tees have options for golfers who play plastic castle tees, as well as direct replacements for wooden tee pegs. They are available in all popular sizes including three castle sizes, four standard sizes and a wide collection of biodegradable plastic tees, which are named ‘biotees’.

Green Tees

Green Tees have cleverly coloured coded the tees to match the plastic equivalent by placing an inked logo onto the top of the peg. For example, the pink castle tee equivalent has a pink logo stamp.

Significantly, Green Tees have halved the prices of their tees since launch to make them an affordable alternative. They are also reinvesting all money made into research and innovation in the field of environmentalism in golf.

Bamboo Tees Verdict

If you care about the environment, the bamboo tees are a great way to help minimise the use of plastics in golf.

Green Tees

More than 1.5 million tees have been sold in less than a year, underlining just how well received the bamboo tees have been.

With all shapes and sizes of existing wooden and plastic tees replicated in bamboo, you can do you bit by starting to use the Green Tees products.


Who makes bamboo golf tees?

They are made by Golf Tees, a company based in Southampton, England. They were first launched in March 2020.

What size bamboo tees are available?

Bamboo tees are available in all sizes including three castle sizes and four standard sizes. All exactly the same dimensions as the plastic equivalents.

How much do bamboo golf tees cost?

Tees retail from £1.79 for 10 to £5.99 for a bag of 100 pegs.