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How Do You Hit Three-Quarter Wedge Shots and Make It Perfect?

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The three-quarter wedge shot is one of the most important shots in a golfer’s bag. But how do you hit three-quarter wedge shots and make it perfect?

Having a three-quarter wedge shot in your locker allows you to approach shots confidently from various distances and angles.

Mastering it is essential for any golfer looking to consistently hit the target and go pin-seeking with your approach shots.

This technique can become an invaluable asset to your game with the proper technique and practice.

From grip and stance to an angle of attack, we’ll show you everything you need to know to be confident when teeing off with this club.

What is a Three-Quarter Wedge Shot?

It is a short-distance shot wedge used for shots from around 90-100 yards (or even shorter distances) from the pin when a full swing isn’t required.

A three-quarter wedge shot is ideal for golfers who want a reliable ball strike, particularly if you are struggling with consistency on full swing pitches.

You don’t take the swing as far back and therefore keep the club on a plane that produces a cleaner strike.

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The Basics of the Three-Quarter Wedge Grip

First and foremost, it’s important to note that all short-game shots, you should be holding the middle of the grip and also with a relaxed, loose grip.

Many golfers, especially beginners, tend to “over-grip” their wedges, leading to unnecessary tension and a lack of control on the course.

To properly grip when playing a three-quarter wedge shot, place your hands looser than usual so that your fingers are around the center of the club.

You also want to ensure that your wrists are relaxed, so your grip isn’t too tight. It should feel like you are holding the club rather than gripping it.

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How to Hit the Three-Quarter Wedge Shot

When it comes to hitting the three-quarter wedge shot, there are a few significant factors to keep in mind.

First, make sure you clearly understand what you want your ball to do and where you want it to finish.

Know about finesse wedge sequence when shooting with a short-game club; it’s essential to maintain a relaxed and smooth swing.

You don’t want to try to “muscle” the ball since you aren’t hitting for distance, so make a smooth and easy swing with a bit less power than usual.

Tips for Improving Your Three-Quarter Wedge Game

When hitting with a wedge shot with a three-quarter swing, it’s important to note that the ball will have a high trajectory, so make sure you account for this in your shot.

When hitting toward the green, practice hitting the ball on a lower flight so you can “stop” the ball quickly.

Focus on keeping your head still throughout the shot and maintaining proper posture. Also, ensure you visualize the image and what you want your ball to do in your head.