How to Bet on Golf

Guide on how to bet on golf online

Guide on betting on golf online.


Golf is one of the sports that provide several betting options for punters. With the right strategy for how to bet on golf and well-placed bets, you can make consistent wins from playing this sport.

If you have no idea where to kick off from, don’t worry. Here, we explain the basics of betting on golf.

The Best Ways to Bet on Golf

The following is a simple guide to wagering on this lucrative sport:

Know the odds

The odds are one thing you must master before proceeding to golf betting. Odds are used to determine the possibility of an event’s outcome. Learning this is very simple.

For instance, if Bill Jones has +600, also written as 6-1, you get six times your money if you bet on Bill to win. So, if your bet is $10, you get $60 if he wins.

Usually, the favourites will be between +600 and +1300, which is the same as saying 6-1 or 13-1. However, in matchup betting, you see more familiar odd types when you select a player. For instance, if you bet on Dustin Johnson to win in Dallas and Johnson’s odds are -110, you have to bet $110 to win $100.

Find a Sportsbook

Once you understand golf odds, selecting a reputable sportsbook comes in next. The internet is crawling with betting sites, however, not all have gamblers’ interests in mind. So, you should be careful when choosing a place to wager your money.

When choosing a bookmaker, you need to read reviews to see what they offer. Even legitimate sites have different offerings. For starters, some offer better betting odds than their counterparts.

Aside from odds, you should consider the bonuses and other promotional deals available to punters. Steer clear from sites that don’t have anything to offer you. Aside from this, ensure to research every sportsbook before signing up.

It’s also a good idea to be on more than one sportsbook. However, it’s best to start with a platform that has good options, including live betting sports.

Choose a bet type

There are several betting options when it comes to golf. You can bet on who will win the game, who’ll have the higher score, and who won’t. You can also place props bets where you bet on which European will finish highest or other nationalities.


Betting on golf isn’t as complicated as many might think. The steps to follow are very straightforward and don’t require much to master the basics. You start by learning the odds; afterward, select and register on a sportsbook and place bets.

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