LA Golf Shafts Partner With Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson to use LA Golf shafts after agreement and directorship

Dustin Johnson becomes a shareholder of LA Golf.

LA Golf Dustin Johnson Image: LA Golf

LA Golf, the new golf shaft producer, have announced a new partnership with two-time major winner Dustin Johnson.

After playing the same shafts for over a decade, Dustin Johnson has switched to LA Golf’s shafts in pursuit of more distance and accuracy. A number of the world’s leading golfers have also linked up with LA Golf.

Not only will 2020 US Masters champion Johnson use LA Golf shafts in his TaylorMade SIM 2 driver and fairway woods and rescues, he will also become a major shareholder and join the board of directors.

Johnson joins Bryson DeChambeau, TV personality Amanda Balionis, entertainer Kelley James, Duck Commander’s Willie Robertson, and Marucci Sports CEO Kurt Ainsworth on the board of directors of LA Golf.

“I am always looking for ways to get better and have been testing the LA Golf shafts for months,” said Johnson.

“I think have been really impressed with how much more consistent my ball striking has been and really like the ball flight I’m seeing.

“I don’t swing hard often, but with the LA Golf shaft, I can really go after it and know I am going to hit the ball more consistently in the middle of the club face. My misses have also been much better, which is really nice.”

Who are LA Golf?

LA Golf was founded by Reed Dickens, who was CEO of Marucci Sports, the maker of the number one bat in baseball.

LA Golf is a small batch, premium supplier of performance-driven and technologically advanced golf shafts. It is the only shaft manufacturer to co-design directly with players.

LA Golf’s unique manufacturing process has been inspired from insights directly from the Tour’s best ball strikers, including DeChambeau and now Johnson.

“Dustin told me early on he would only use the LA Golf shaft if it performed better,” Dickens said.

“So, to have the world’s best player trust LA Golf enough to put our product in play at a major championship and want to become a shareholder is the ultimate validation for our brand.”

LA Golf shafts are available for general sale and allow everyday golfers to swing harder, while achieving greater accuracy.