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Lag Putt Pro Review

Lag Putt Pro

Lag Putt Pro is a new creation aimed at helping you improve your putting at home – and is coming to the market in 2020.

Tony Bonk and Brad Offerman are the men behind the idea with the Lag Putt system, a cleverly designed unique concept that helps improve your distance control.

The duo have come up with a hand-crafted swing weight device that can help you improve you lag putting and control – all from the comfort of your home and even in the smallest of rooms.

What is Lag Putt Pro?

The putting product is hand crafted by Bonk, Offerman and their team, and proudly made in the USA.

Lag Putt Pro

They describe the new invention in their marketing as “there is nothing like the product on the market” and that is certainly the case.

They have created a curved ramp that replicates distances of putts and allows you to practice lag putting even if you only have a small amount of room available.

The curvature of the box, which features holes and a collection area underneath for balls, is designed to mimic different distances without actually needing 30-foot of space for example.

What they say about the device:

“Finally a tool to help with your lag putting. Introducing the Lag Putt Pro.

“No other putting aid like it on the market. Work on 30 foot putts in comfort of your own home. Check out our video.”

When will Lag Putt Pro be available?

Pre-orders are being taken from May 2020 with the physical devices distributed as they are made.

Lag Putt Pro

How much does Lag Putt Pro cost?

The putting system will be sold at $249.99 in the United States. It will not be available for international distribution initially.

Verdict on the putting device

Once we get the chance to test it, we’ll report back. But the concept on the putting aid is a very clever one.

As you can see in the video this the putting weight consistency from the swing weight pendulum, the device really does tally up with long distances without the need for that much space in your living room, garden or bedroom.

Lag Putt Pro

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*Images from Lag Pro Putt / Facebook