Lee Westwood Putting Tips – 3 Ways To Hole More Putts

Get Lee Westwood's three top tips to improve your putting

Get three top tips from Lee Westwood to hole more putts.

Lee Westwood Putting Tips

Want to hole more putts or perfect your putting skills? Lee Westwood putting tips include three drills that can help you sink more putts.

Westwood, who has won 44 times in his career including twice on the PGA Tour and 25 times on the European Tour, has been sharing #WestysWisdom as part of a video series from Ping.

In his latest video, the Englishman has focused on putting and shared three important aspects he considers key to holing more putts.

1. Pick A Spot

Instead of lining up a putt while looking at the hole, Westwood instead picks a spot in front of his ball on the green that he wants to set the ball off on in terms of line.

You should ignore the hole completely and pick a spot two foot in front of your ball to start the early part of your putt over.

2. Keep The Pace

Westwood’s second important putting drill or piece advice is to keep the pace throughout the putting stroke.

Rather than a quick backstroke and slow follow through or vice versa, the former world number one advises keeping the same speed throughout the stroke for better distance control.

3. Rock The Triangle

Set up is important when standing over a putt, whether from 50 foot or 4 foot, and Westwood’s advice is to rock the triangle.

Rather than get the hands involved and push or pull putts, Westwood wants you to create a triangle from grip to shoulders and use your upper body for the putting stroke.

Hopefully that will improve your putting with Ping’s Westys Wisdom videos.

Lee Westwood Putting Tips Video

What putter does Lee Westwood use?

Westwood uses the Ping Sigma 2 Fetch putter, which was the first-ever design to allow golfers to collect the ball from hole without bending.

The Fetch is a mallet with a hole in the putter head the size of a golf ball. The putter is face balanced and helps eradicate pushed putting strokes.