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Home » MG Golf Glove Review (DynaGrip Elite Golf Glove)

MG Golf Glove Review (DynaGrip Elite Golf Glove)

MG Golf Glove

The MG Golf glove is a high-quality real leather glove sold at a fraction of the price of other gloves. Is the value for money glove any good?

Almost everyone who plays golf needs a good golf glove and if you like a real leather glove you have been partial to Footjoy and Titleist gloves.

The MG Golf glove is a great Cabretta leather option available for less than $25 for three gloves, and is an very impressive alternative option to the leading brands.

What MG Golf says about the DynaGrip Elite Golf Glove:

“Our most popular and very best glove, DynaGrip Elite gives you extra-thin and extra-soft all-cabretta leather for feel that is second to none.

“A thinner (but stronger) softer Cabretta leather (our most expensive Cabretta leather). Best glove anywhere.

MG Golf Glove

“Noticeably lighter with the most sensitive feel in a golf glove, Tour pro preferred design and elastic knuckle hinge for a more comfortable grip without tugging.”

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MG Golf Glove Design & Features

The MG Golf gloves have been designed with a softer Cabretta leather and the most expensive in any range from the manufacturer.

The lightweight glove is extremely sensitive in terms of feel, has a tour pro design to it and an elastic knuckle for comfort without ripping.

Synthetic leather gloves don’t have the same soft feel as Cabretta leather and can feel lightweight to me. The MG glove feels fantastic and performs fabulously.

MG Golf Glove

This glove feels great before you even slip it on. Just holding the glove in your fingers, you can feel the smooth texture and weight of the leather.

When you put your hand inside any of the three models that MG Golf offers, you’ll immediately recognise the premium Cabretta leather, which sought after by the best players.

This quality leather is what helps you keep constant contact with your golf club and provides the confidence through every swing.

Verdict: Are MG Golf gloves any good?

Having that great feeling golf glove that gives you the sensitivity and responsiveness you’re looking for doesn’t have to be expensive.

When your hands feel a good golf grip, good non-slick golf grips, and a leather MG Golf glove, you’ll have made your first strides to playing like a champ.

I recommend checking out the MG Golf gloves, especially because of the price as much as performance, and you’ll be ready to play like a pro.


How much does the MG Golf Gloves cost?

You can get three high quality leather golf gloves for $25. For $1 more, they will print your favorite image on your glove.

Do MG Golf gloves come with a warranty?

You purchase them with a 60-day unconditional guarantee and can return them with a full refund if you are not satisfied.