Shot Scope V3 GPS Golf Watch Review (EVERY Shot Recorded)

The V3 Smart Watch from Shot Scope now features auto club detection

The V3 is an upgraded version of Shot Scope’s V2 watch.

Shot Scope V3

The Shot Scope V3 GPS Golf watch is the third generation model and boasts a number of new and upgraded features vs the V2. Get every shot of your round recorded.

The V3 provides more accurate distances to greens, hazards and reference points, more detailed maps and information than the V2 and now features more than 36,000 pre-loaded courses.

New additions including the tracking of every shot, more than 100 statistics about your game and a course hub of information provided by other shot scope users.

We take a look at what is new with the Shot Scope V3, how it differs from the V2 and provide a guide to everything the watch offers.

What Shot Scope says about the V3 watch:

“Shot Scope V3 is an advanced GPS watch with automatic shot tracking and statistics platform.

“F/M/B GPS distances and hazards are clearly visible on the daylight readable colour screen, while the Power-Sense strap and tracking tags ensure Every shot is recorded while you play.

“Complete with over 36,000 preloaded courses worldwide and no additional costs or subscriptions, Shot Scope V3 is one of the most desirable GPS watches on the market.

Shot Scope V3

“After your round, upload and analyse over 100 statistics on your game including strokes gained analytics and start improving your game.

“The statistics provided by Shot Scope provide an opportunity to learn about your game and what areas you can improve on and ultimately lower your score / handicap.

The dashboard allows deeper game analysis with filters available for what you want to see. Filter statistics by club, yardage, round, year and more.”

Shot Scope V3 GPS Golf Watch Features & Design

The Shot Scope V3 GPS watch is an upgraded version of the Shot Scope V2 with additional features to help golfers with greater accuracy and to improve their game further.

The distance tracking is very similar with measurements in yards or metres to the front, middle and back of greens, as well as distances to hazards and doglegs.

Shot Scope V3 Watch

The V3 comes pre-loaded with maps of over 36,000 golf courses around the world, and provides interactive maps that allow you to zoom in on specific holes.

The performance tracking element has been improved to produce even more statistics and data about your game, including club distances, accuracy, and shot dispersion.

The new automatic shot detection introduced to the V3 model uses advanced sensors to automatically detect when you take a shot, eliminating the need for manual input.

Shot Scope V3 Watch

PinCollect technology remains part of the watch, automatically detecting when you reach the green and giving you the option to record the location of the pin for more accurate distance analysis.

The V3 uses your performance data to provide club recommendations for each shot, helping you make better decisions on the course, while the virtual coach feature provides personalised feedback on your game and suggests areas for improvement.

The mobile app and dashboard are free to use with no ongoing subscription.

Shot Scope V3 Watch

Verdict: Is the Shot Scope V3 Watch any good?

Shot Scope have taken the already impressive V2 GPS watch and improved it to even more dynamic, accurate and helpful when it comes to understanding your game.

The biggest change when it comes to the V3 is the new auto detection when you take a shot on the course with the technology now knowing exactly which club is in your hand.

The data available about your game from average distances to fairways found and missed greens is more enhanced that in the previous model and there is a lot to like about the Shot Scope watch.


How much does the Shot Scope V3 GPS Smart Watch cost?

The V2 watch is currently available to buy at around $225 / £180.

How long does the battery last in a Shot Scope V3 golf watch?

The watch has a battery life of up to 10 hours in GPS mode.

How many courses are available on the Shot Scope V3 watch?

There are 36,000 courses pre-loaded onto the smart watch.