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Trident Align Ball Marker Review

Trident Align

Every golfer has a way of marking their golf ball, but the Trident Align ball marker is a way of helping you improve your putting and holing more putts.

From using identifying marks or initials to help distinguish our balls from others, to adding alignment lines to help us on the putting greens, every golfers has their own way of marking a golf ball.

Trident Align targets those golfers who add alignment aids to balls and offering a ball marker that they believe can help save you strokes on the putting greens thanks to a unique design process that is described as the world’s first adjustable ball marker.

What Trident Align say about the ball marker:

“The Trident Align Ball Marker is the first of it’s kind. Featuring an adjustable top plate that allows you to aim your putts like never before.

“Trident Align has been designed by PGA Professional Enda McLoughlin. After nearly 20 years in the golf industry Enda combined both his experience as a competitive golfer and as a PGA coach working with hundreds of golfers over many years, to design the world’s first fully adjustable ball marker.

“Trident Align is part of P2 Putter Grips Ltd, an Irish based company which first brought an innovative putter grip to the market in 2016 with a patented design to provide golfers with greater control over their hands and wrists during their putting stroke.

However, controlling a golfer’s hands throughout the stroke is only part of the solution. If a golfer cannot aim correctly and aim at a point they have specifically chosen as their aim line, then the probability of holing a putt reduces dramatically.

That’s where Trident Align comes in. Its patented design has been developed to help fine tune your aim, to help you hole more putts, to shoot lower scores and to reduce your handicap.”

Trident Align

Trident Align Ball Marker Design

The first thing to note about the Trident Align ball marker is that it comes as part a set, and gets its name from the unique design produced on the golf ball. That’s because the alignment aid looks like a trident.

The set comes with a Trident Align ball marker, 25mm marker coin, stencil tool, marker pen and a carrying pouch, all in a nicely presented box.

Trident Align

The stencil tool and pen are used to create a trident marking on the ball which matches the same on the ball marker itself. The matching lines is where the uniqueness comes into its own.

Trident Align have manufactured the ball marker plate so that it can be adjusted and rotate, allowing you to match up lines between the marker and ball no matter how much borrow or angle a putt is.

Where a traditional single line on the ball is harder to line up for non-straight putts, the Trident Align system works no matter what angle the putt happens to be…and it is all thanks to the adjustable plate.

When using the Trident ball marker, the lines on both the ball and marker should match from any angle to form a square, and provides the confidence you have your putt lined up correctly before addressing the ball.

Trident Align

Trident Align Ball Marker Verdict

What Trident Align has come up with is a very clever way to ensure your ball is leaving the putter on the right path to what you intended.

The design of the rotating marker plate, not to mention the trident like lines, is one that will prove heavenly to golfers who suffer from hell on the putting greens.

If alignment over putts is something you struggle with, the fairly small outlay on a Trident Align ball marker could help you save strokes on the greens and eradicate dreaded three putts.

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