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Duca Del Cosma Golf Shoes Review

Duca Del Cosma Kuba

Italian manufacturer Duca Del Cosma golf shoes have some of the most stylish golf attire to help make the most fashion conscious golfer look the part on the course.

A huge number of ranges of golf shoes feature in the Duca Del Cosma collections, which include the Belair, California, Camelot, Eldorado, Florida, Flyer, Heritage, Kuba, La Spezia, Masters, Monterosso and Rebel.

Duca Del Cosma shoes ooze quality and are the ideal choice for golfers seeking a premium option to wear both on and off the course.

Duca Del Cosma Golf Shoes Designs

The designs across the Duca Del Cosma range are bold, but they will have you standing out from the crowd on the course. But they are not just all about looks, because the technology and clever design help provide benefits for your game too.

Duca Del Cosma Belair

There 11 separate designs of the golf shoes across both winter and summer options, but it is perhaps the sleek training shoe style of the Kuba and its red, white and green version which is the standout having been designed in the colours of the Italian flag.

Other options in the new range include the classic looking Camelot, Eldorado, Heritage and La Spezia, which all feature an old school brogue look.

The Flyer options offer a traditional trainer design, while the Italian leather training shoe California and Florida feature similar looks – the difference being that the California has a zip running up the side of the laces.

The Masters, a spiked version, and Rebel shoes have solid uppers for good support, while the Belair are a very smart trainer style design. The Monterossa are slim leather spikeless shoes with the three colours of the Italian flag running around the sole.

Duca Del Cosma California

Duca Del Cosma’s Airplay III TPU outsole and SKYFLEX technology outsole both help provide traction in the shoes, while 5mm cone-shapes nubs are used on the spikeless models.

Other design features include a waterproof membrane to ensure moisture is kept out but the shoe remains breathable in all weather conditions, while there is a soft PU insert sole to provide comfort, although it is removable.

There are a variety of colour options available in each of the ranges in the collection.

Duca Del Cosma Shoes Verdict

The lightweight Duca Del Cosma golf shoes are an exceptional all round product, despite the fact they are likely to be an unheard of brand with a huge number of golfers.

Duca Del Cosma Monterosso

As with any Italian clothing or footwear brand, quality is at the forefront of the design for Duca Del Cosma and that comes across in abundance when it comes to these shoes.

The only negative we could find was that the price might put off some golfers as they sit at the high end of the golf shoe market.

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