FGX Hybrid X Putter Review

Long-shafted putter launched to suit a perfect arcing putting stroke.

FGX Hybrid X

The FGX Hybrid X Putter is the first public launch from FGX Sports who believe the revolutionary design will change the game.

The centre-shafted putter is unique, with a long 37-inch shaft meaning the ball is further away from the body, at the same time producing a lie and angle much different to standard putters.

FGX believe the revolutionary design of the mallet putter, which features a cast head, will help golfers hole more putts than ever before. Can it really see you hole more putts?

What FGX Sports say:

“Get ahead of the game with the revolutionary bespoke putter.

“FGX Sports are proud to introduce the revolutionary bespoke putter that’s changing the game of golf. Evolve your game now.

“The latest innovations in golf putter technology can be in your hand next time you take to the course.

“Hybrid X is our first FGX product to be showcased to the public. The original and innovative design is unique with a shallower and more natural putting arc, plus a more efficient putting stroke.

The combination of our patented long length 39” shaft, and 56 degrees lie command an alternative putting setup position. In this position further from the ball, typically an extra 10-12 inches for the average golfer, the natural arc of the FGX Hybrid X is naturally lower to the ground’s surface and delivers the face squarer to the target.”

FGX Hybrid X Putter Design

The design of the Hybrid X is like no other putter, but FGX Sports have come up with something they truly believe works.

The putter has a long graphite shaft – 37 inches with the overall length of the club standing at 39 inches – which goes against the grain when it comes to the old adage of standing over putts.

In total, golfers can be up to 12 inches more away from the ball when using the Hybrid X.

The lie has also been set to 56 degrees to help the putter remain closer to the ground throughout, with the combination resulting in an exaggerated arc stroke and promoting more forward roll on putts.

The FGX Hybrid X has a cast putter head, is available in matte black or polished steel.

FGX Hybrid X Verdict

Unique is the perfect word to describe the Hybrid X because it is like nothing else.

It won’t feel anything like what you normally use on the putting greens, you won’t get into anywhere near the same putting position that you normally use as a stance, and it will probably feel very strange at first.

But the proof is in the pudding and it is all about finding a putter that helps you hole more putts. The FGX Hybrid X has some good principles about the concept and it could well make the difference to your game.

You will have to be sure it is right for you, however, as the putter comes with a fairly sizeable price tag. But it is all about holing more putts and that is a priceless commodity.

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