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Garmin Approach Z82 GPS Rangefinder Review

Garmin Approach Z82 GPS Rangefinder

The Garmin Approach Z82 GPS Rangefinder is the latest addition to the Z series. takes a look at what it offers.

The Z82 laser GPS offers plenty of features to support golfers with accuracy and shot choice, and is an impressive option in the distance measuring device sector.

Garmin has added plenty of new functions to the Z82 that improves on its predecessor, the Z80. It is the complete product and features over 41,000 courses available to view.

What Garmin says about the Z82 Laser GPS Rangefinder:

“The Approach Z82 laser range finder with GPS gives you the most accurate reading on the market within 10 inches of the flag.

“The range finder now displays wind speed and direction, which makes figuring out which club to use and which direction to swing much easier.

“On blind shots, the PinPointer feature will tell you the direction to the pin. So even if you can’t see, you’ll know where to aim.

Garmin Approach Z82 GPS Rangefinder

“Image stabilisation makes it easier to find and range the flag. And when you lock in on it, vibrational feedback will let you know.

“Your range finder comes preloaded with more than 41,000 full-colour Course View maps from around the world.”

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Garmin Approach Z82 GPS Rangefinder Features & Design

The Z82 is Garmin’s most advanced yet with full-colour 2D Course View mapping and Greenview overlay given for over 41,000 courses worldwide.

Golfers can easily scroll through the Hazard view function that highlights all upcoming water features, bunkers, doglegs and the distances to them.

Garmin Approach Z82 Laser GPS

The flag finder feature provides vibrational feedback once the flag has been located on the screen. This combines with the image stabilisation function to provide clear and accurate distances to the flag, to within 10 inches.

Wind direction and strength is also displayed on the screen while the Plays Like Distance feature can also be adjusted for uphill or downhill lies.

The rechargeable lithium-ion provides 15 hours of battery life from a four-hour charge and the IPX17 water rating ensures the DMD stays water resistance up to one metre.

Golfers can also use the Z82 to log their scores during the round. The rangefinder is compatible with smartphones to track progress and analyse performance post round via the Garmin app.

Garmin Approach Z82 GPS Rangefinder

Garmin Approach Z82 GPS Rangefinder Verdict

Garmin have undoubtedly improved on the Z80 Rangefinder with the tweaks made to the new Z82 laser GPS.

There are more features compared to previous products, and functions like image stabilisation and vibrational feedback help to improve the accuracy of distance measuring.

It is a product that impresses all round, although with so many premium features, users will have to pay a premium price for Garmin’s latest rangefinder.


How much does the Garmin Approach Z82 cost?

This rangefinder is available between £550/$760 to £580/$800 depending on the retailer.

Is the Garmin Z82 rangefinder compatible with smartphones?

Yes, the Garmin Z82 is compatible with the Garmin Golf app, which tracks scores and performance when logged after each round. Users require an existing account to link the Z82 with.

Does the Z82 rangefinder come with a strap?

The Garmin Z82 comes with a clip that locks on to a golf bag. This is an optional accessory depending on a preference. The rangefinder is also light enough to carry in a golf bag or a pocket.