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Home » Redtiger Golf Rangefinder Review (EXCELLENT Value For Money)

Redtiger Golf Rangefinder Review (EXCELLENT Value For Money)

Redtiger Slope Golf Rangefinder Review

The Redtiger golf rangefinder is a value for money best-selling option that provides excellent accuracy and distance measuring features.

Made for golf, it is also suitable for shooting, hunting and many other methods. It is on the course where this one excels with 7x magnification, slope compensation and flag locking technology.

The Redtiger laser rangefinder is not only available at a fraction of the cost of some other more established brands, it is incredibly accurate up to 1200-yards.

Does it live up to most established rivals like Garmin, Bushnell or GolfBuddy? Does the Red Tiger rangefinder outperform the price tag? We take a look in this comprehensive review.

Redtiger Golf Rangefinder Features & Design

Hugely popular with buyers on Amazon in particular, we set about seeing what the RedTiger rangefinder is all about.

Although this measuring laser is multipurpose, it has been designed with plenty of golf specific features.

Redtiger Rangefinder

The rangefinder can measure up to 1200 yards and has 7x magnification to cover your needs wherever you are on the course. Let’s be honest, you are only needing that distance to spy on groups in front!

The Redtiger laser comes with slope compensation as standard, which is a great option for non-competition golf when you can get key club distance advice for what lies in front of you.

It has also been designed with the Flag Pole Locking Vibration to confirm when you have locked your target and the measurements to it.

Redtiger Rangefinder

Ergonomically designed to fit into the palm, all functions are carried out by buttons on the top of the rangefinder and are simple to use.

The unit operates on rechargeable batteries and comes with a magnetic stripe to allow it be stored on your cart, bag, belt or anywhere it will stick to. It also comes with a protective carry case.

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Redtiger Golf Rangefinder Review: Is the laser rangefinder any good?

The rangefinder is an impressive product considering the price, offering many of the features more expensive models offer.

The 1200-yard distance is incredible, as is the seven-times magnification and as good as you will get anywhere else.

Redtiger Rangefinder

The slope feature also worked well to take into consideration the course during our testing of the product.

The one minor negative was that the rangefinder wasn’t quite as accurate as other brands, coming our 3-5 yards out on flag lock. If you aren’t seeking pin-point to the nearest yard, this is more than acceptable.


How much does the Redtiger Slope Golf Rangefinder cost?

It retails at $109.99 and is one of the cheapest on the market.

What is the maximum distance of the Red Tiger rangefinder?

The laser device can read up to 1200 yards away.

Does the Redtiger Golf Rangefinder have slope compensation?

Yes. It comes with the slope compensation feature as standard.

What Redtiger says about the slope rangefinder:

“Experience ultimate accuracy and adaptability with our rangefinder, designed for a wide range of scenarios and needs.

“Achieve exceptional clarity and 7x magnification with expansive 1200-yard range, perfect for long-distance precision.

“Effortlessly tackle uneven terrain and get precise distance measurements using advanced Slope Compensation Mode.

“Experience unrivaled accuracy in your golf game using our Golf Flag Locking Mode and enjoy superior comfort and usability with our ergonomic design, perfectly shaped for your hand.

“Maximize your potential with our versatile attachment options, designed for golf carts, belt, and more.”