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Volvik V1 Rangefinder Review

When you think about Volvik you think colourful golf balls. But the manufacturer has now launched a first laser with the release of the Volvik V1 rangefinder.

Volvik Vivid golf balls, which come in incredibly bright green, blue, red, pink and orange amongst other colours, have taken a share of the market place over the last two years thanks to the awareness brought about by a partnership with major winner Bubba Watson.

Now, there is Volvik presence in the distance measuring device sector with the V1 rangefinder the first laser to be released to the market by the brand.

The DMD comes in a choice of five separate colour schemes – not quite as bright as the balls but still in attractive black, red, orange yellow or mint versions – and is being sold at competitive prices compared to similar products from established brands like GolfBuddy.

Volvik V1 Laser Spec

The Volvik V1 rangefinder has a traditional look and feel to it, but is incredibly light weighing in at just 125 grams.

It provides accurate distances to the pin or any target locked on to, and impressively does so to as little as one-yard accuracy. It also has an incredible range of up to 1200 yards.

The Volvik V1 uses the integrated Pin Finder function to measure distances from five yards upwards, and also has Priority First Goal for locking on to specific targets such as bunkers, water hazards or trees.

With six times magnification, gaining precise distances is particularly easy with the device emitting a vibration to confirm when a target has been locked on, and subsequently providing a measurement in either yards or metres.

Volvik has included a Slope Compensation mode, which can be turned on and off to ensure the device is legal in tournaments. The feature calculates elevation changes to reduce or increase the distance to a target by taking into consideration the terrain and how it will affect club choice.

The V1 works from a CR2 Lithium battery, with an auto power off setting after 10 seconds of not being used. It is waterproof and comes with a small carry case.

“We are excited to bring the hi-tech V1 Rangefinder to the UK market at an unrivalled price,” said Tony Fletcher, of Brand Fusion International – which distributes Volvik products in the UK. “The high level of accuracy, plus the user-friendly and ergonomic design, allows golfers to more efficiently find distances to their selected targets.”

Volvik V1 Rangefinder Verdict

Very reasonably priced, the new Volvik V1 rangefinder stands out as good value.

With a host of features, not least the six-times magnification and ability to lock on to numerous targets as well as the Slope Compensation, you really do get a lot for your money.

The three colour options will make this an attractive purchase for golfers who like style as much as performance. But there is much more to the rangefinder than just being another bright product from Volvik. This laser stands out as great value if you are in the market for a new measuring device.

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