Wellputt Mat Review

The Wellputt Mat can help hone your putting technique

Wellput Mat

The Wellputt Mat is a training aid offers golfers the opportunity to practice their putting skills without leaving the comfort of their home. GolfReviewsGuide takes a look.

An easy to use mat from Wellputt is centred around user enjoyment and helping extract improvements in your putting from a number of distances, with your set up and stroke.

When used with the specific Wellputt app to accompany the product, golfers can spend hours honing in on their putting skills and gaining data on areas that need improvement.


What Wellputt says about the putting mat:

“We developed the Wellputt Mat to provide an answer to all golfers who wish to improve their putting skills.

Wellput Mat Start

“The speed of the Wellputt has been developed by our engineers to match most of the green speeds.

“This mat has different characteristics like the dot underneath the golf ball to help with ball positioning or the lines that will enable you to square your putter face.

“An indicator for stroke length is going to indicate you the desired stroke length for the appropriate ball speed.

“Finally, the visual targets have been shrunk to increase the difficulty, but the last one is a standard cup size.”

Wellput Mat

Wellputt Mat Design

There are three options from Wellputt: the Wellputt Start at 7.87ft long, the Wellputt Mat at 10ft or 13ft long and the Wellputt Premium which is also 13ft long.

All three allow plenty of distance to practice putting in most rooms of the home, or the patio or decking areas of your garden. They also offers enough width to enough your own position over the ball.

The stimpmeter speed has been designed to match most greens around the world and will feel middle of the road – not too fast and not too slow.

Arrows on the mats help to choose a line on your putts and guides towards the hole – or the good zone as it is described on the 10ft, 13ft and Premium mats.

Wellput Mat

Think of the times you have practiced lagging putts and the good zone is exactly the same. Get it in that circle the size of a dustbin lid around the hole.

Others helpful aids on the mat provide guidance on the putter face alignment for a more accurate stroke and connection through the ball.

There is also an uphill aid – even on a flat surface. The detail on the mat helps you replice a putt over a certain distance by ending with the ball in the good zone.

It is compatible with the Wellputt App on Android and IoS, where users can download over 50 training exercises and easy to follow instructions on how to get the most from the mat and their putting game.

Wellput Mat Start

Is the Wellputt Mat any good?

The Wellputt mat is easy to set up and unrolls straight out of the box, allowing you to get started with their putting almost instantly.

The markings on the mat can seem slightly confusing at first because there are a lot of them at either end. Take some time to learn how each can help you improve your game.

The mat comes with an easy to use manual that explains how to use the arrows in more detail, which adds more engaging elements to the product rather than simply hitting the ball from one end to the other.


How much does the Wellputt mat cost?

The Wellputt mat is available between £79.99/$107 and £89.99/$121 depending on the retailer.

Are there different colours available?

Yes. Some retailers offer the mat in both black and green, while others only sell the product in black.

Do I need the Wellputt App to use the mat?

You do not need the app to use the mat. However, the app does help to keep you engaged and provides more depth with training routines and tips to support improvement. It is available for free download on IoS and Android devices.