Adidas Samba Golf Shoes Review (STYLE & Comfort)

Adidas Samba shoes are released on a limited-edition run for 2022

Four colours are launched in a limited edition Samba Golf Shoe

Adidas Samba Golf Shoes

Adidas Samba golf shoes are now available after a version of the famous trainers and sneakers was unveiled for golfers for 2022.

The Samba needs little introduction, being one of Adidas’ biggest sellers. Now there are four colours available for golfers after they were turned into spikeless golf shoes.

Choose from blue, pink, yellow or white as part of a late 2022 release to bring colour on the course during the autumn or fall months from this limited edition range.

What Adidas says about the Samba golf shoes:

“As summer closes and we turn towards autumn, we wanted to inspire golfers to stay energised on the course.

“The Samba, named after the iconic Brazilian dance, and one of the brand’s oldest footwear franchises, was a perfect model of choice. The bright colours are fun and allow people to showcase their personality as well.

Adidas Samba Golf Shoes

“Golf is a game rooted in tradition, so adopting the classic lines of the Samba in a golf specific fit feels right.

“Building off that legacy, these shoes carry the DNA and style of the original design while infusing new technology for performance on the course.”

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Adidas Samba Golf Shoes Design & Features

Adidas have taken the classic Samba shoe and incorporated a spikeless outsole suitable for golf to create a limited edition cracker.

The golf looks exactly like the Samba trainers or sneakers you see everyday in general day to day life, just with the technology to benefit your golf game as style meets performance.

Adidas Samba Golf Shoes

Available in blue, pink, yellow or white, the Sambas have been designed to add a splash of colour on the course during the end of year months.

The new Samba golf shoes feature soft synthetic uppers, just like you will have come to expect from the traditional Sambas, with a T-toe shape for the added stability needed through the golf swing.

Along with the water-resistant uppers, Adidas have included OrthoLite sockliner cushioning to make the golf shoes incredibly comfortable whether worn on the course or off it.

The sole is what differs from the training shoe Sambas, with the golf specific model having a spikeless rubber outsole with nubs for traction through every swing of the club.

Adidas Samba Golf Shoes

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Verdict: Are Adidas Samba Golf Shoes any good?

Who doesn’t love an Adidas Samba? One of the most iconic and popular sneakers is now available for golf.

When it comes to style and comfort, the new Adidas Samba shoes deliver everything you could want and expect. Think wearing a training show with specific benefits for golf.

The only downsides are two-fold: they are limited edition release for Autumn 2022 and the four colour options won’t be to the taste of every golfer. Other than that, the Samba really do sing a tune to the beat.


When are Adidas Samba Golf Shoes being released?

They will be available from September 15, 2022, on a limited release for Autumn and Fall.

How much do Adidas Samba Golf Shoes cost?

They are priced at £85 / $99 per pair.

What colours are available in the Adidas Samba Golf Shoes?

The new shoes are available in four colour options: blue, pink, yellow or white.

Are Adidas Samba shoes waterproof?

They are sold as water-resistant rather than waterproof.