Bent Pine Golf Club Review (Vero Beach, Florida)

Jack Holden provides his review of Bent Pine Golf Club in Florida

Review of Bent Pine Golf Club, a hidden gem in Vero Beach, Florida

Bent Pine Golf Club

Bent Pine Golf Club, Joe Lee’s hidden gem, resides on the southern rim of the vast sand ridge in Vero Beach, Florida.

On-shore winds blowing from beach heads that created the sand ridge, form the kind of natural terrain that no golf architect can match.

Lee recognized the value of the existing terrain and chose a “less is more” approach. A direct descendant of Robert E. Lee, he aspired to create golf courses that were challenging but fair.

Though a comfortable layout for the average golfer, Bent Pine remains a challenge for the finest players, annually hosting qualifiers for major championships.

The founders, a group from the prestigious community of Johns Island, were searching for a site along the sand ridge to escape the slow play and tee times of their own course.

A totally undeveloped area at the time, their vision of a hidden enclave, absent crowds and tee times was realized in 1979.

Though several new golf courses have evolved on the sand ridge, Bent Pine still retains its rural beauty and atmosphere.

The club itself remains understated, and a perfect compliment to the founders concepts. They do everything right at Bent Pine.

An impressive driving range, practice area, a modest but elegant clubhouse, a world class golf staff and pro shop, and a perfectly located café, in the main clubhouse, before teeing off, stopping after nine, or a respite after the round.

There is a sunny feeling you can’t mistake the minute you arrive at the bag drop. A polite, smiling starter seems to appear out of thin air by the time you open your trunk.

A lack of hubbub, and a feeling like you can tee it up at any time. The vision of the founders, fully realized and unchanged forty years later.

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Bent Pine Golf Club Features & Layout

Most of the holes are not visible to each other, nor are most of the homes, relegated to long setbacks and the club itself set-back from the main roads.

There is a distinctive rhythm to the layout. Among the highlights, a comfortable opening par five with a generous landing area and a challenging closing par five, that features the famous bent Pinetree from which the club derives its name.

Approximately 100 yards from the tee box, the pine grows miraculously horizontal before soaring vertically. Though not directly in the line of flight, it’s an intimidating presence from the tee box.

It is to the Bent Pine members what the Eisenhower tree is to Augusta, and many drives are interrupted by its thick massive limbs.

Bent Pine Golf Club Course Map

The Joe Lee-designed Bent Pine Golf Club was first opened in 1979 and is a par-72 measuring up to 6,748

Kenny Perry, worked at Bent Pine in the 1980’s before forging a successful career on the PGA Tour, is an honorary president and has the tip tees named after him.

Bent Pine Course Map

Bent Pine Golf Club Scorecard & Hole by Hole

Bent Pine Golf Club Scorecard
Bent Pine Golf Club Scorecard 2

Bent Pine Golf Club Slope Rating

Bent Pine has a slope rating of 134 from the Kenny Perry tees and a course rating is 73.6. Other tee options are 131 / 72.1 (Blue Tees), 128 / 69.7 (White Tees), 120 / 67.1 (Gold Tees), 128 / 71.4 (Red Tees), 125 / 69.9 (Silver).

Bent Pine Golf Club Membership Cost

Golf membership at Bent Pine costs around $30,000 a year.

Bent Pine Golf Club Address

601 Clubhouse Drive
Vero Beach, FL 32967

Phone: +1 772 567 6838