Best Golf Gadgets 2023 (MUST Have Golf Gear)

12 golf gadgets that you could be using.

Try some of these golfing gadgets in 2023.

Looking for the best golf gadgets 2023? From launch monitors to swing training aids, we pick out the best gear.

There are many gadgets out there, all with claims to help improve your game. But which actually work and which have just been launched for the novelty factor.

The best golf gadgets 2023 have been picked out and we think some can help bring out the best in your game.

1. GPS Watches & Rangefinders

Garmin Approach Z82 GPS Rangefinder

If you aren’t wearing a golf GPS watch or using a rangefinder when you play, you might be costing yourself a shot or two every round.

Knowing the exact distance of your next shot to the green, and whether it is a 7-iron or an 8-iron you need, is key to helping to lower your scores and bring your handicap down.

Using a GPS golf watch from the likes of Garmin or SkyCaddie, or measuring the distance to a flag with a Bushnell or GolfBuddy rangefinder, can help you improve your game.

By setting up for every shot with accurate distances to your targets on the golf course is only a benefit in your quest to bring your handicap down.

2. Launch Monitor


Knowing your stats, from ball speed to carry distances to spin rates, is crucial to improving your game. It is also critical when getting fitted for clubs.

Launch monitors are used to calculate it all each time you strike the ball, and you can buy your very own.

They aren’t cheap, but they are one of the best golf gadgets for improving your game. Dial in those figures with a launch monitor like the Trackman, Flightscope Mevo and Garmin G80.

3. Arccos Sensors

Arccos Sensors

Previously part of every Cobra club purchased, TaylorMade and Ping clubs now come with the option of built in Arccos sensors.

You can also buy your own and fit them to your clubs with the Arccos sensors sitting on the end of the grip or screwing into place.

They work via Bluetooth and in conjunction with an app to provide instant distances and information on every shot you hit. Learn how far you hit each club and build up round-by-round data on your game.

4. Swing Training Aids

Lag Shot Swing Training Aid

Getting the perfect swing isn’t easy, but several training aids have been introduced to the markets in recent years to help you improve.

Many of them work with a lag system to help you create some added power in your swing from the point of the downswing.

They include items like the Lag Shot Pro, which is a 7-iron length, the SuperSpeed Golf trainer, which is a heavy weight, and the many versions of the shaft and large ball weight aids.

5. Alignment Sticks

Alignment Sticks

You will have seen many pros using bright coloured sticks when on the range and even some of your golfing buddies.

They are a great thing to use during the practice sessions to check your alignment and slot neatly in your bag when not being used.

6. Groove Sharpener

Groove Sharpener

Are your wedges spinning less then when you first purchased? A groove sharpener can bring them back to life.

Over time the grooves will wear down and that’s the reason you will see action on your ball on the greens. Sharpen them regularly to start getting the stop and backspin in your game again.

7. Golf Trolley Accessories

Golf Trolley Accessories

If you own a golf trolley, there are a number of accessories you can bolt on or add on to pimp it up.

Scorecard holder, umbrella holder, drinks holder, ball holder…they are all golf gadgets that you can add to your Motocaddy trolley, Powakaddy trolley and many other manufacturers.

8. Golf Simulator Apps

Golf Simulator

You don’t need to spend thousands on creating your own Golf Studio set up at home. There are apps and programs that enable you to realistically replicate a round of golf via a home golf simulator.

Swing the shaft like you would in a round – whether that is in your living room or garden, and see how you get on playing some of the world’s best courses.

You simply link it to your laptop, smartphone or tablet up with the app and the technology and you can enjoy playing golf from inside your home.

9. Golf Simulator

Golf Simulator

If you aren’t on a budget and have the room, why not consider building yourself an entire simulator in your shed, garden room or garage.

When the course is closed, you have a spare half an hour or just fancy hitting a few balls and ironing out your current flaws, you can do it all from the own golf swing room.

The technology, projector and screen aren’t cheap, but equally it isn’t the most expensive thing in the world either. It just requires you to have the space and ceiling height to set one up.

10. Golf Putting Mats

Wellput Mat

The putter is the most used club in any round, usually catering for around half of your shots on the course. Improving your game on the greens can help you save shots every time you play.

Using a putting mat at home to practice your stroke, distance control and alignment can be a real benefit when you do get the flat stick out on that first green.

Putting mats range in size up to 6ft mat and provide the opportunity to perfect their putting in the comfort of the living room with Perfect Practice and Wellputt options among the best.

11. Practice Nets

Golf Practice Net

You’ll need outdoor space, but if you do have some in the garden or the garage then a practice net really will be a worthwhile purchase.

They are not expensive, nor are they difficult to set up. You can get simple nets that will take up little space on your lawn and are among the best golf gadgets for practicing from home.

From hitting driver to practising those chips that have been proving to help eradicate the negative parts of your game by allowing you to keep swinging freely even when at home.

12. Indoor Practice Balls

Golf Practice Balls

We’ve all seen the videos on YouTube and Facebook of golfers damage things in the house while practicing at home. From smashing windows to coffee tables, we don’t advise that.

You may want to combine these indoor practice golf balls with a net rather than hitting actual golf balls in and around the house. Or just hit these again the wall or towards a target.

You can purchase sponge practice balls that are heavy enough to feel realistic without threatening to smash the kitchen windows or the neighbour’s greenhouse. They are good to use for indoor chipping too.

If you are worried about causing damage, order some hollow balls that resemble a table tennis ball. You can’t do much damage with those.