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Perfect Practice Putting Mat Review

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is one of the leading training aids on the market with Dustin Johnson among the tour players to have endorsed the product.

Perfect Practice have come up with a unique design to incorporate a hill challenge in a training mat that can be used indoors and outside.

Available in a number of lengths to suit your own home, the mat features alignment and distance aids as well as a roll back so there is no collecting balls the other end of the room.

What the Pros say about the Mat:

Dustin Johnson: “It’s awesome. For the elite and for kids too, my boys love it. It’s teaching them the correct alignment. Thanks for the mat and looking forward to making more putts.”

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Nelly Korda: “Anyone who is serious about improving their putting needs the Perfect Putting mat. It’s done wonders for my confidence and become part of my daily practice.”

Marc Leishman: “You make this putt, you can make any putt.”

Matt Wolff: “Been using it non stop. Love it.”

Charles Howell III: “It’s much better than other mats I have used over the years. Great quality.”

Joaquin Niemann: “I love the Perfect Practice putting mat, great for rainy day practice.”

Lydia Ko: “It’s working great and looking forward to having some fun with it the next few weeks before getting back out there.”

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Design

The Perfect Practice mat looks pretty much like most putting mats. But the significance of this option is in the unique roll back technology and hill challenge.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The mats feature train tracks alignment to improve your putting, as well as distances marked out to help master control and speed.

The features including two-hole training with a regular sized hole and a secondary smaller hole. Both are situated on a slight raised incline to promote confident pace on putts.

The Perfect Practice mats come with an auto roll back feature to feed balls back to you – making putting drills better than ever before.

Perfect Practice have created the mats with Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology and to a 10-14 Stimpmeter speed, perfectly replicating on course conditions just like fiberbuilt golf mats do for your long game.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Available in three separate lengths the Perfect Practice is available to suit any golfers circumstances. No matter how much indoor or outdoor space you have to practice putting, there is an option to suit.

  • Compact: 8-foot long and 9-inches wide
  • Standard: 9-foot 6-inches long and 15-inches wide
  • XL: 15-foot 6-inches long and 15-inches wide

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Verdict

The training aid is one the best mats we’ve seen. With distances, alignment and roll back, you have everything you need to improve your putting.

Perfect Practice claim that the mat will knock five strokes off your game. The proof of that will be in the pudding.

Yes, there is no doubt the mat will help hone your putting, especially distance control, but the exact figure it can shave off your handicap will depend on the hours you put in.

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Either way, you can expect to improve with the flat stick if you’re content in splashing out on one of the more expensive putting mats.

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How much does the Perfect Practice Putting Mat cost?

The mats cost between £100/$134 and £160/$215 depending on the size you order.

What sizes of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat are available?

The training mats comes in three sizes. Compact (8-foot long and 9-inches wide), Standard (9-foot 6-inches long and 15-inches wide) and XL (15-foot 6-inches long and 15-inches wide) are available.