Who Are A Few Of The Best Golfers Of All Time?

Ranking some of golf's greatest players

Ranking the best golfers of all-time.

Tiger Woods Image: TaylorMade Golf

Every week we watch the best golfers in the world show their skill and ability on the course. But the question rumbles on: Who are the best golfers of all time?

We’ve picked out four men – Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Sneed and Ben Hogan – for their profound influence on golf and achievements that mark them as some of the best players of all time.

They are not the only ones deserving of the title, however, with Walter Hagen, Gary Player, Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson and Byron Nelson deserving special mentions.

Why We Love Golf & The Popularity of Golf

The game of golf has been around for quite some time. While the origins of the sport are murky, most believe its origins can be traced to medieval Scotland.

Regardless of where it comes from, one thing is certain: golf is one of the most popular sports in the world today.

Amateur golfers are plentiful. In fact, golf is one of the most practiced sports among amateurs, in the same vein as soccer, boxing, etc. But we also love it for other reasons too.

Bettors especially love golf, and it is one of the most popular sports to wager on. The reason is simple: golf is an all-year-round game, meaning pro-players play the game at any point during the year.

For this reason, 線上體育博彩 cover the sport extensively, and provide excellent odds and options for fans and bettors.

Best Golf Players

In this article, we go over a list of excellent players, and discuss what makes them worthy of being ranked among the best golfers of all time.

Tiger Woods

Perhaps the most recognizable name in golf, Tiger Woods certainly deserves a mention in this article. Despite any personal drama he may have had, there is no denying that the man is an excellent golfer.

Woods fell in love with the sport at a very young age, even announcing that he wants to be “the Muhammad Ali of golf.”

Certainly, we can say that Woods has accomplished his goal. When people speak about the greatest golfers ever, his name inevitably comes up.

The man holds a tie-record for the most PGA Tour wins, he ranks second in men’s major championships, and holds a plethora of records. He is also one of only five players to have won all four major golf championships.

In 2023, Woods continues to play golf and contribute to the sport. Recently, him and Justin Timberlake have teamed up in order to create a 600-acre club in Florida, hoping to spread more love for the game. There is no doubt that Mr. Woods deserves a mention on this list.

Jack Nicklaus

During his hey-day, Jack Nicklaus dominated the golf course. Throughout his career, he won 18 major championships, still holding the record for most major championships won by a single player (three more than Tiger Woods).

Like Woods, Nicklaus also won all four of the big-name golf championships, making him one of only five players to achieve that goal.

Nicknamed the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus won 117 professional tournaments, completed 164 major tournaments, and finished with 79 PGA Tour victories, third behind Woods and Sam Snead, who share the record with 82.

For a long time, Jack was ranked first in the world, according to the official world golf rankings, the latest of which you can check out by clicking the provided link.

Though retired, Nicklaus continues to contribute to the world of golf in his own way. He runs an incredibly successful golf course design business, and has created many of the most iconic courses still used today.

Sam Snead

While Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods are certainly names worth mentioning and remembering, no golfer deserves the title of “best of all time,” more than Sam Snead.

He held the number one spot for the better part of four decades, won 82 PGA Tours (tied with Woods), and is an inductee into the Hall of Fame.

Despite his incredible achievements, Snead never won the US Open, a shocking turn of events considering many viewed him as the absolute favorite to win the tournament on multiple occasions.

He was the runner-up four times but he never took the final step.

Praised by fans, analysists, spectators, and fellow player as one of the best of all time, Slammin’ Sam Snead will certainly go down in history as one of the best, if not the best golfers that ever lived. And with 142 professional wins, he certainly has earned the right.

Ben Hogan

Finally, we arrive at William Hogan, known as Ben whose influence on golf cannot go understated. He completely changed the game with his theory on golf swings and his “five lessons.”

For those who don’t know, Hogan shared what he believed to be the five lessons for improving one’s golf swing in his book Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, a must-read book for any up-and-coming golf fanatic.

Known for his incredibly ball-striking ability, Hogan won nine pro-major championships, putting him in fourth place after Nicklaus, Woods and Walter Hagen.

Like Woods and Nicklaus, he is one of only five players to win all four major championships, and will certainly be remembered as one of the greats, alongside Snead.