Callaway Rogue ST Hybrids Review

Rogue ST hybrids feature the Max, Max OS, Max OS Lite and Pro models.

Callaway Rogue ST hybrids feature the Max, Max OS, Max OS Lite and Pro models.

Callaway Rogue ST Hybrids

Callaway Rogue ST Hybrids are new for 2022 with four separate models in the range. How do they perform and what can you expect?

The Rogue ST rescue range includes the Max, Max OS, Max OS Lite and the Pro hybrids with an option to suit the needs of all levels of golfers.

The hybrids are joined in the new 2022 releases by Rogue ST drivers, fairway woods and irons in hugely impressive addition to the market.

What Callaway say about the Rogue ST hybrids:

“The Rogue ST MAX is our longest Rogue ST hybrid model, built with slightly stronger lofts to fit an extensive range of golfers looking for speed, forgiveness, and all-around hybrid performance.

“Rogue ST MAX OS is our oversized head shape with increased forgiveness, and a draw bias. The OS model features our widest loft offering extending from a 3 hybrid to an 8 hybrid.

“The Rogue Max OS Lite family is our easiest to swing light weight option with up to 15g of tungsten.

“The Rogue ST Pro is geared to the better player. It features a fairway wood/compact shaping, shallow face, and neutral CG for the most workability in the Rogue ST line.”

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Callaway Rogue ST Hybrids Design & Features

The entire Rogue ST hybrids range features a new and improved AI Jailbreak Technology system, which has been designed from previous models.

Callaway have taken the impressive Jailbreak frame and extended the perimeter to increase ball speeds and stability thanks to more face flex.

All four models also boast a high strength 455 Face Cup, which has been optimised with AI technology for each of the hybrids to come up with the perfect launch angle and spin rates.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Hybrid

The Rogue ST Max is the standard rescue and what Callaway describe as “the longest hybrid model”. This has been achieved by stronger lofts across the range which features 3-hybrid to 6-hybrid.

The Max has been designed with iron-like shaping to provide improved turf interaction than in previous models.

The presence of a 24g of tungsten weighting means the CG produced an optimal launch angle for long distance from the semi-draw bias model.

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Hybrid

The Max OS model gets its name due to the fact it comes with an oversized head shape, with this model a draw bias rescue and offering added forgiveness.

The OS hybrid has the largest option of lofts with this model available from a 3-hybrid to a 8-hybrid.

Callaway Rogue ST Max OS Lite Hybrid

The Max OS Lite has lightweight components compared to the OS model and is the most forgiving of the hybrids and the highest spinning option.

The OS Lite is also available in 3-hybrid to 8-hybrid and is the highest launching of the four hybrids in the Rogue ST range.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Pro Hybrid

The Pro is the hybrid aimed at elite or low handicap golfers looking for a rescue that is suited to shot shaping.

The Rogue ST Pro has a more fairway like compact club head shape than the other three options and also boasts a shallow face, neutral CG and an enhanced sole camber for more versatility.

All about workability, the Pro hybrids are available in 2-hybrid to 4-hybrid.

Verdict: Are the Callaway Rogue ST Hybrids any good?

Callaway have come up with a complete range of hybrids to suit the needs of all golfers in the Rogue ST rescues.

From the Max, the standard version, to the confidence-inspiring oversized OS models and the workable Pro hybrids, there is an option for everyone.

The design improvements have added distance, forgiveness and the ability to shape shots better than in any previous Callaway rescue.


When will the new Rogue ST fairway hybrids be released?

The new hybrids were unveiled in January 2022 and are available to purchase from February.

What models of the new Callaway Rogue ST hybrids are available?

The Rogue ST range features the Max, Max OS, Max OS and Pro rescues.

How much do the Callaway Rogue ST hybrids cost?

The rescues are being sold at $279.99 / £249.99 per hybrid.