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Evnroll ER11vx Putter Review

Evnroll ER11vx Putter

Evnroll have added a new model to their range with the launch of the Evnroll ER11vx putter for the 2022 season.

A sister option to the ER11v, the ER11vx is a midlock mallet and has a classic yet contemporary look that is similar in many ways to the TaylorMade Spider GT family.

The ER11vx is all about stability with weight moved to the edges of the putter head of this incredibly stylish looking mallet.

What Evnroll says about the new ER11vx putter:

“Time for an eXtreme upgrade… say hello to the ER11vx!

“Featuring the rear, heel/toe adjustable 303 stainless steel weights, this new design repositions the mass further outward to enhance stability and forgiveness.

“The ultra-light 6061 aircraft aluminium body also incorporates a single dramatic sightline for a stunning visual look.”

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Evnroll ER11vx Putter

Evnroll EV11vx Putter Design & Features

The new EV11vx is all about shifting weight to the edges of the putter head to produce stability like never before in an Evnroll mallet.

Made from black anodized 6061 aluminium, the putter features two 303 stainless steel weights to provide the stability that is key.

The face it 100% CNC milled to produce enhance roll on putts of all lengths.

Evnroll’s development has also come up with the idea that the swingweight is different depending on the length of putter, and it differs between the 33-inch, 34-inch and 35-inch options.

Evnroll ER11vx Putter

The EV11vx putter is toe hung is available in six shaft and hosel options: Short Slant, Inline Slant, Short Plumber, Mid Slant, Long Plumber and Long Slant.

Each options has differing amount of toe hang with Short Slant having 15 degrees, the Inline 27 degrees, the Short Plumber 10 degrees, Mid Slant 8 degrees, Long Plumber 6 degrees and Long Slant 9 degrees.

Verdict: Is the Evnroll EV11vx putter any good?

Evnroll have followed a similar path to the one taken by TaylorMade in the new Spider GT range, moving weight to the perimeter to enhanced stability like never before.

The EV11vx putter does look very similar to some of the new Spiders and the performance is equally impressive with the mallet head coming through straight and on path with maximum forgiveness.

Evnroll putters are known for the performance levels and the EV11vx adds another string that bow of top class performers.


What is the Evnroll EV11vx putter release date?

The new EV11vx putter was first unveiled in April 2022 and is available on general sale.

How much does the Evnroll EV11vx putter cost?

The EV11vx putter is now cheap and is being sold at £360 / $450.