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5 Exotic Golf Destinations You Should Consider Visiting

Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Whether you are playing for fun or as a professional, here are the five exotic golf destinations you should visit in 2023.

Golfing, either as a leisure time experience or as a professional sporting activity, will always present as classy and exotic.

Although, judging by earlier beliefs that golf was for the rich retired men and women who wanted to spend recreational moments together, many individuals picked little or no interest in the game.

Now, more people are looking to participate in a local course or an expensive resort.

For a good number of interested golfers, the idea is to enjoy hitting the ball across the full course of an exotic location and experience the thrills of the whole environment.

There are popular destinations in the world that can create room for these dreams to be actualized.

While at these locations, you can also find time to engage in online sports betting, visit restaurants and accommodation options for tourists, and carry out other activities to make yourself comfortable.

This article will look at five of the most exotic golf destinations you should consider visiting for an amazing recreational time.

The places listed below offer some of the best forms of competitive sporting experiences and come highly recommended. Let’s dive in!

La Iguana, Costa Rica

This course is more than just any exotic place you can walk in to play golf leisurely. It tests everyone’s core golfing skills and is regarded as one of the best and most difficult tournament layouts.

It is situated just meters from Costa Rica’s most magnificent and spectacular beaches and is a haven for many species.

Additionally, the classy Los Suenos resort is situated on the course, offering convenience that is simply exquisite and grants tourists the feeling of home or even more.

Verdura Golf & Spa Resort, Italy

This destination is a brand-new, cutting-edge golfing resort with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and all sorts of comforts you might want in a far-off place.

It could be quite difficult for touring golfers to pull themselves away from enjoying Sicily’s little towns and experiencing the local cuisine, artwork, and wine. It’s Italy, so there is bound to be a touch of style, class, and artistry.

Royal Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne remains on the top list of the best Australian cities you should consider visiting at least once, making our January golf destinations shortlist.

The Royal Melbourne Golf Course of 36-holes hosted the 2011 Presidents Cup and has a historically linked record of being designed by one of the greatest architects in the industry, Dr. Alister MacKenzie.

With other worthy mentions such as Victoria Golf Club, Kingston Heath, and Metropolitan Golf Club, you can encounter some of the best golf courses while touring around the region.

The Legend Golf & Safari Resort, South Africa

This spectacular golf course, situated within a vast forest reserve, offers access to a distinctive variety of wildlife.

So far, it remains one of the best locations for an exotic golfing experience. Located south of the equator, its unusual attributes extend as different golfers designed each hole but seamlessly mixed the entire course into a single style.

Additionally, a special hole with access only by helicopter has been constructed for people who cannot be satisfied with just eighteen holes.

Old Head Golf Links, Ireland

The land surface of this remarkable geographical landmark stretches more than two miles into the crystal-clear seas of the Atlantic Ocean.

This protrusion creates a breathtakingly beautiful setting that captivates even players of high status. The Old Head Golf Links is arguably the best and most picturesque site in the world to enjoy.


Golfing requires serenity and a gentle push of the wind. Hence, care is taken to pick the best sites for competitive play and even for leisure time experiences.

Many of these sites exist worldwide, but our list presents some of the best of its standards.

With amazing courses to swing across, beautiful environments, and satisfactory services, these exotic golf destinations are the dream of many golfers.