FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoes Review

Frog-inspired Freestyle model looks set to have a massive impact

FootJoy have launched their latest range and the frog-inspired Footjoy Freestyle Golf Shoes looks set to have a massive impact.

The colourful golf shoes features the latest technology from the leading manufacturer and the Freestyle looks set for a future as big and bright as the design itself.

FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoes Design

FootJoy have taken a giant step with the Freestyle, which has been designed to give maximum freedom through the golf swing without sacrificing grip – and all through a unique and out of the box method.

It does so than to the design of the outsole, for which inspiration was taken from the Red-Eyed Tree Frog thanks to its unique toe pads which have cells on the edges that allow water to drain away and therefore provide more grip.

The FootJoy Freestyle uses a SoftMax outsole and a Softspikes Tour Lock to create the very same grip that the Red-Eyed Tree Frog enjoys.

The design gives a greater flexibility and movement through the golf swing without sacrificing grip or traction – meaning golfers can generate greater power.

The Freestyle was first released in March 2016 and is available in five separate colour options – all vibrant.

FootJoy Freestyle Verdict

The FootJoy Freestyle has pushed the boundaries of technology further than ever before. Even though being inspired by a frog seems a crazy idea, it actually is very clever.

The clever design gives grip that no other golf shoe can through a swing. No matter how hard or fast a golfer swings and tries to strike the ball, the Freestyle provide impressive traction and prevents a loss of balance.

These look set to be a massive hit for golfers who like a bit of style and colour in the apparel.

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