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Home » FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Spiked Boots Review (WINTER Golf Footwear)

FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Spiked Boots Review (WINTER Golf Footwear)

FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Golf Boots Review

FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Spiked boots are a fully waterproof winter golf option with the footwear an ideal choice for wet regions.

Golf boots are a relatively new addition to the golf footwear section, offering a stable and durable option for golfers who play all-year round and through the winter month.

The Hydrolite 2.0 is the second generation of FootJoy’s golf boots model with waterproof capabilities joined by cushioning technologies in an incredibly comfortable package.

We tested the boots and below you can see our verdict on whether they are good option for the winter instead of your standard pair of spiked golf shoes.

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FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Golf Boots Design & Features

The Hydrolite 2.0 boot is among the best winter options from FootJoy, with a multi-directional traction Pulsar soft spikes providing traction in through every swing.

Made from a synthetic leather upper, the boots are both durable to the elements and comfortable to wear to ensure you get the most out of your game.

FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Golf Boots

The Hydrolite boots feature a waterproof membrane, a soft inner lining and lightweight EVA midsole for comfort and Dri-Lex technology to ensure they are breathable.

The boots are 100% waterproof and come with FootJoy’s one-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that the Hydrolites will last through even the harshest of winters.

The Hydrolites are available in black colour option only with contrast stitching for a classic FootJoy look.

FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Golf Boots

FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Spiked Boots Review: Are they any good?

Boots are a new addition to the market when it comes to golf shoes and one thing that concerned us was just how much flexibility there is through the golf swing.

The answer is plenty actually, with the boots performing in exactly the same way our shoes do in terms of allowing you to swing at maximum speed.

FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Golf Boots

The benefit of wearing these boots is three-fold and we loved each of the reasons. Stability thanks to the spiked system and comfortable thanks to the cushioning around the top.

Thirdly, they waterproof capabilities of the boots was seriously impressive and you can expect no water or droplets to get over the top and onto socks if swapping shoes for boots this winter.


How much do the FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Spiked Boots cost?

The Hydrolite boots retail at around $110 / £90.

What sizes are available in the FootJoy Hydrolite 2.0 Boots?

The mens boots are sold in sizes 6-13.

Do the FootJoy Hydrolite Boost comes with a warranty?

Yes. All FootJoy shoes and boost come with a 12-month waterproof promise as standard.