Fourteen Golf TC7 Irons Review (NEW Irons with EXTREME Accuracy)

Accuracy and Consistency is what the Forged TC-7 irons offer.

Fourteen Golf have released the new TC7 forged irons.

Fourteen TC-7 Irons

The Fourteen Golf TC7 irons are a new release from the Japanese manufacturer, offering extreme accuracy and consistency.

Brought to market by Fourteen Golf, which has been making clubs in Japan since 1981, the TC7 model in new for 2022 and a stylish forged cavity back iron.

The compact head irons have been produced to provide ultimate feel and control. The irons has minimal offset a thin top line and have a variable face thickness for consistent ball striking from across the face.

How do the TC-7 irons perform, what sort of golfer do they suit and how do they rate vs the likes of TaylorMade and Titleist? In this article, we take a look.

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What Fourteen Golf says about the TC7 irons:

“Fourteen’s master craftsman engineered this semi-compact head to allow players exceptional feel and distance control.

“The minimal offset paired with the modern top line at address inspires confidence.

“The cavity back features an undercut design that produces a precise, consistent trajectory. The new TC-7 Forged’s increased cavity thickness produces an even softer feel at impact.

“The forged undercut head is manufactured as a single piece of Premium (S25C) Soft Carbon Steel which improves the stability and durability.

“By using premium materials and an advanced manufacturing process, Fourteen created an iron that displays all the key characteristics of a players iron.

“The TC-7 Forged Iron offers performance of a muscle back with forgiveness of a cavity back.”

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Fourteen Golf TC-7 Irons Specs & Design

Fourteen TC7 Irons

Fourteen TC-7 Irons

Fourteen TC-7 Irons

Fourteen TC7 Irons